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Update Bug Fix Isnt a Fix at All

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  • Update Bug Fix Isnt a Fix at All

    How do you quantify players improperly using Upgraded PickUp pets to alter their personal stats as something that every player has to be reprimanded ? If you had record of players doing such things then you have record of who was doing it. Punish a player for altering stats on those who do it by taking away their pet. Not by taking away everyone elses pet for some random person too immoral to play a game in the first place.

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    As a Guild Master and founder player since 2009, I would think if you Know the..." Altering of personal Stats"... webzen stated in Patch Notes from 11/27/2018. then you WebZen patch installer Should know the code being used and if this code is being spread onto other accounts; wouldn't it thus make this code a virus? Isn't it a "game hack" ? isn't spreading a cheat code also Stealing Intellectual property and copy right infringement ? Are those not illegal actions considering this is the North American United States Server in question? I can assure you it is not only illegal on a State Level; its Illegal on a Federal level! In most cases, considering we are talking about copy right property of WebZen Gala Lab, the use of a PickUp Pet that is also used across the entire game, it's a felony offense; because Pick Up Pet Upgrades and Key Slots were never a free event reward item and in most cases the pet used isn't a free item either. So how is blocking every person from using a buff pet ever fixing a cheat code or program code problem? I can vouch for a fact from just doing the ship dungeon off of Shaduwar, I was unable to summon my pickup pet that wasn't even a buff pet. Furthermore, making the webzen patch note maker inaccurately representing the facts of the update patch in question. So how are we as legal players of the game supposed to invest in our characters with trust if we are all to be punished for the immoral actions of a random player?


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      I have just ran the same dungeon as Aphro mentions in her post. this is the topic I came to see if anyone else had the same issue. My pet isn't even a buff pet too. Also in that ship dungeon off Shaduwar the Top Boss Dutchess on the top deck Debuffs and spawns multiple agros from the deck below and she is allowed silent shot so using any MP AOE isn't allowed and she can use it for as long as she wants to use it even in no HP left. So I was going to use a PickUp Pet Upgrade in game sells for 20 perins.for real money shop its listed as 280wcoins plus a Key to unlock spaces is 105wcoins But wcoins start at $5. 00 usd meaning to get one with money is actually $10 dollars. In total just to have a fair chance to kill this Upper Deck Giant with non-removable buffs too is 1,015 wcoins meaning $15 usd because increments start at $5usd. But I wouldn't have been able to summon it after spending $15usd . Plus all the drops were not able to be grabbed without a pet. The items were suspended in mid-air or inside objects or the walls or sunk into decor in the rooms. my normal pickup pet that doesn't alter stats at all cost me 1,050 wcoins and that's actually $15usd because $10usd weren't enough at 1,000wcoins for $10. I couldn't summon it. So my pet is of no value because of some immoral person stealing program codes to manipulate his upgraded pickup pet for god mode in a Non-Profit MMORPG. How is this any kind of fix to this degenerate in our Non-Profit game? Seems to me you would know who did this and that as Aphro above stated take away their pet or pursue criminal charges for stealing program codes from a Non-Profit organization.

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    isn't stealing program code illegal ? the PickUp Pets are copy right protected and we all use Game Guard so how did program code get manipulated to unlimited alternate stats? Why were we not told in our Emails or on FaceBook because I couldn't use my normal pickup pet nor my Pet Upgraded Event Brains Pet that I paid to further upgrade with Grizzled Beads of Warrior and Soul Leech for the purposes of using it on Debuff Summoning Super Dungeon Bosses . I could see taking the pets off the persons responsible for cheating; but taking away my pet and all the players on the USA Server ? its not just in Euphrasia we cant summon in Ivillies Cave on Fantasy Desert Wilds or Savage Wilds either.


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      Its nice to see I am not the only person unable to summon a pet in dungeons. I need my pet in dungeons because the items don't drop in front of me or automatically appear in my inventory because to be in a dungeon you have to be in a Party which shares drops between the party members. We all have to have pick up pets in order to share drops or they disappear and can land inside objects that only a pick up pet can grab for us. So how is blocking pets removing a cheat code ? It would seem you would need to find the cheat code and remove that and possibly that players pet in order to fix this problem. Of course there is no fix for a degenerate person except maybe a brain transplant. Dang that surgery isn't available yet. So unfortunately only removing the cheated code seems to be a real Fix.