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Be Careful When Making CS Purchases On "BLACK FRIDAY"

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  • Be Careful When Making CS Purchases On "BLACK FRIDAY"

    There is a slight problem in the pricing of some bundles offered in this weekends "BLACK FRIDAY SALE". Example: "Aprotect Weekend Bundle" with 95 scrolls for 1750 Wcoins is also available as the "AProtect Mega Bundle" for the same price but has only 65 scrolls. Most of the bundles have this dual listing problem.

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    Ok thanks for this information !
    I had some question about this CS event ... all time when you want to buy 10 000 WCoin with PayPal, you receive 30% more coins ... with this event +30% you have:
    ->30% more: (60%)
    ->30% on (10000 + 30% )
    -> nothing more than other days: 30%

    On another hand, Do you plan to add other QAmps events soon ? because I missed last event !

    Thanks and have nice day !