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  • New flyff server!

    Hello Webzen Team!

    I'm one of the bigest fan of Flyff, I have been playing this game about 10years!
    I know it very well and love it.

    I think You should create NEW SERVER! here is why:

    Problem that You lost a lot players is that there was problem on all server with DUPLICATE ITEMS some ppl did it and we all know some items are still cloned that make game not fair. A lot player quited but they cry about this game…
    I see more then 1000-2000 online on flyff private servers.

    People rly LOVE FLYFF and WE ALL want NEW SERVER!

    If You make new server then everyone start from 0, You gonna have TONS OF PLAYERS BACK!
    It is 100% sucessful!

    Meteonyker server was very good start and all was good till duplicate items… that made ALL PLAYERS QUIT!

    If you just start new server I CAN GUARRANTE You 1000-2000 online people!
    Bring this game to live! Start new fair server for all!
    Do it for Christmas Guys WE all WAIT FOR NEW FAIR SERVER!!

    Please Webezen I know a lot ppl who would give life for this game

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    No! we dont want new server. We just want server merge thats it. New server is worst thing webzen can do at the moment. Splitting population between servers never was good.


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      New severs aint going to change anything..

      I remember the opening of the latest server Metonyker, the hype didn't even last 2 month, than (sh-t) hit the fan.. new server is most likely to end up having same result

      I originally started on US server back when g-potato was still a thing...Took a few years off and i found my old chars on a empty server
      So I than decided to start over at EU Clockworks and when Meteo opened up i was one of the few who refused to start over again..
      Thing is I invested time and money on Clockworks to start over again isn't that appealing..

      a merge would make more sense, yes.. bring everyone together rather than to split them up
      on the other hand a merge seems like quit the task considering we have other bugs n technical issues that needs to be fixed

      The main reason for the game to suffer players who quit, lets be honest that there is no new game content..all events are on a repeat basis..players loosing interest
      private servers host more events have tons of new features like fashion and pets, more weapons...list is long -and we not here to talk about private servers

      i love flyff, always have..and ofc i dream about few changes here n there, dont we all


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        It's really difficult..
        A new server always attracts new players and old players generally swarm to a new server to try and rise to the top and be the first guild to win siege and down the important bosses. However, it also attracts all the people that use hacks to achieve this; there are too many security issues within the game that haven't been fixed.
        My worry is the same thing that happened to Meteo would happen on this new server, duping would run rampant and then in the blink of an eye 80% of the player base ill have left.


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          Hello, thanks for your suggestions!

          We understand the advantages of opening news servers but first our priority is to merge the existing ones.


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            Make sure to merge them all and never create a new server til you can fix or do w/e precautions you can to ensure duping never happens again or at very lease make it so that you can detect them if you can't do this then please spare us any new server it will not do anything but be a mess.


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              glad to see that flyff it's still alive, and yeah merging servers it's one of the best things to do.

              Also a new server might be a risky decision, but could work, many people might come back if it's announced properly


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                Webzen restart game or make a new server. The econmic is dead. No econmic=dead server=no players

                Is this for real? Today i logged in, first time on Three years. I looked at shops and vendors.. Can webzen please tell me why a BOLO CLOAK IS 30B? I Dont understand what happend to this game?
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                  I Think the solutionens are not more merges. the solutionens are new server with better secruity program. For now i cant play this game but i will wait for the day when webzen open a new server!


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                    you can always play on meteo its like playing on a new server that has no one except a select few who stayed
                    ps. you will have to farm your own unique sets because no one is gonna farm them for you so yah brand new come join the fun