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Suggestion for Converting Old Awakened Items?

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  • Suggestion for Converting Old Awakened Items?

    Specifically aimed at the GM's to maybe whisper to Dev ears?: Piccolo Klaig

    Do you think there could be some of scroll implemented to change our old awakened items (with 1/2/3 awakened lines) to 5 lines (or more if there are more lines in the future)? Or an NPC/server-wide conversion of all awakes to 5 lines? It's discouraging to older players to have to trash their old awakes to stay up to par. I know several prominent players that originally quit when we converted from the 3 line to 5 line system. And either way, Webzen profits from more Scroll of Awakening Augmentation sales. So win-win for everyone
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    Thanks for your report,

    We will study the question and communicate our thoughts to the developers.