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    Been playing this game forever now and i was wondering after searching for ages if its possible to find out how much hours i put into my character (obviously i didnt find a way thats why im writing this topic xD) , was wondering if its possible to implement that system into the site at least so people will be able to see their time on their characters , i think im not the only one that is interested in such stuff :3. If it isnt possible i would like to ask a mod or dev if they could please provide me with the hours of my character , my char is from EU Clockworks server named ThePhoenix , thanks in advance for any thing you will or wont do

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    You can check this on US FlyFF but I don't think they enabled it for EU FlyFF.

    After logging in to the forum click "Go to Official website" in the upper right corner. On the left side you will find all the characters registered to the account you logged in on.

    This was set up years ago (version 13?) between one of the gPotato GMs and The GALA developers (when they had at least a half ax idea of how to program). It was only for US FlyFF server and I highly doubt there is any chance of having it incorporated into any other server.


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      Ye seems like thats the deal , been tired of looking at my dead US character play time while knowing i put alot more effort into my EU player , but hey thanks alot for trying to help