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    Why not expand the penya limit of inventory to at least 10x what we have today? If this happened we could have so many more stores and items available for purchase in the game. I believe that this penya limit of the inventory that consequently affects the stores only encourages the purchase of items and equipment for real money, out of the game.

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    The 2100m penya "limit" is not something that was arbitrarily decided; it is a computer programming function. It is realistically possible to raise that limit, but the so-called "developers" at GALA would be hard pressed to do it.


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      hey! i'm poor!


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        I really dislike the penya limit especially for shops. The best part about a game like this is buying/selling at shops. With a penya limit it is very hard to buy/sell (nobody likes l/o, c/o, or a/w), annoying scammers because of high perin / binded gear, needing multiple shops to sell items, and the constant DC's. After a AH sale you have to go to the mailbox/perin trader multiple times??? Having to use the bank to get the correct amount of penya for items worth more than 2b.

        It would be nice to have a feature to put a full set of items for sale in your shop. (last game I played like flyff had this with 12 individual item slots and a 6 set slot that you could put up to 6 items in that would be sold as a set but would be taxed a percentage if sold.

        I have been on and off with this flyff for multiple years and I'm glad it's still going but I wish the penya limit was different.

        (I know this is an old post but it was the first one in search: penya limit)
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          Maybe do something like was on [[Edited]] , i remember. U can sell in private shop for "perins" and there is no limit.
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            This is an easy fix. DO SOMETHING.....


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              You're the one willingly playing a game that is bad designed to the point of having practically no money sink, no dupping protection, and way too much money generation from monsters. Good job giving devs incentive to improve things. Now deal with the ridiculous wonky economy.