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    Good flyfiers, I wanted to ask about the drop in the Kalgas dungeon. Do you know what is the maximum lvl for you to drop something? and one more question: if my character is lv156-157 do you think he can drop? Thank you very much for the answers

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    best drop rate is always same lvl as boss (1-3 lvls higher/ lower works fine too), so in this case lvl 152 would be ideal..
    im Hunting him with a lvl 149 slayer and it works well for me..
    kalgas can ofc drop when your higher or lower..i still get drop with my 164 blade, just drops better with a character closer to the boss lvl..

    compare: hunting with 164 slayer or 149 slayer= i do get MORE armor drops with the lower lvl one.
    lets say out of 10 runs: 5-6 drops for 149 slayer compare to 1-2 drops for 164 slayer
    (plus side here it goes way faster with higher a char, not that it matters cause cool down is super long on dungeon anyways, 6 hours)

    so to answer your question in short Yes, it still drops just not that frequent