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[Important] Missing login event days - next five rewards not applied properly

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    Xenzan Day 60-61
    StarCandy Day 60-61


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      Originally posted by (CM)Magitook View Post

      "[...] But well, that's life. Thanks again for your patience and everything."

      Magi, I know how difficult it must be for you to be "the bridge" between players and developers. But I totally disagree when you say "that's life".

      Sorry for say this, but it's a lack of professionalism. We're talking about the work of someone that isn't really being well done.

      Seriously? Are our DEV's so unable to produce a few lines of code to solve the problem? Neglect?

      Well, honestly, what can we do? Only laugh, I believe...

      By the way, all my chars got the same: 1st ~ 5th day rewards.


      • Silverhandruler
        Silverhandruler commented
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        Agree! This shows to what degree of expertise the programmers are at. I'm not trying to be rude when I say this but some kids out there could write better code. This should have been an easy fix THE DAY IT HAPPENED. To me it shows flagrant disregard towards the players when the "developers" have had basically almost two months to come up with a solution since most of the "issues" that caused the lag in the first place occurred early on in the event. The easiest solution would have to "continue" the event as originally planned, but their code crapped out.

        All else I can think of is there must be a communication/language barrier which is sometimes insurmountable. I still believe that for "NOW" the only way to easily fix this is to send the last 3 items to all characters that participated in the login event. So what if some characters were only on day 28, just give it to them. So what if someone was on day 62 just give it to them. I could care less if someone gets double "S" cards at this point. I would believe satisfying the "majority" and fixing basically a WEBZEN screwup should be the priority. Regards. And if this is disjointed, sorry, just woke up lol

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      @ Magitook - i'm pretty sure the date of your character in the event doesn't matter for this bug. Every character which logged in after midnight and before the server maintenance got the first 5 items in his inventory.


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        Hello again,

        just to let you know, I have now sent a mail to Korea with the feedback you provided here and the fact that the issue might have been caused by the double item issue. Thanks so far for all your help!



        • Tanquesito
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          the problem was not starting in the double gift . the problem is that starting from day 59 (at least in my case) no longer reach the last gifts. but if they are of the day 58 to come back if the right gifts.
          desir this means that your patch has some fault for which reciviriamos within 5 days of gifts.

        • Kolderkater
          Kolderkater commented
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          On chars that i have not logged on 'double item day' (ie: logged after event got disabled) I still got the wrong items.
          Also, on a char 6 days behind i got unstable flasks that were not soul linked. (different issue, i know :P)

        • Silverhandruler
          Silverhandruler commented
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          OK, I have just logged all my accounts and this is weird. on one account that I only have three chars on and only on Tanuki have received the "CORRECT" remaining items. So these characters are "settled up". TANUKI: DoctorMorpheus TANUKI: SilverHandMan
          TANUKI: SilverReign. My other two accounts however, which were in the same situation BUT had accounts on TWO SERVERS (Tanuki and Moco) ALL got the first 5 items repeated. So, I don't know what you can make from that. Is it a bug that if you have characters on more than one server it did not work right and only those that are on single servers got the correct items? I don't know but I thought I would give you that feedback. Thank you for your "continuing" efforts Magitook! And I am glad that at least ONE of my accounts are now "happy" and settled!! QUESTION: What do we do with all these repeated items? My inventory is now full so if the developers are going to try and fix it we need time to move stuff. Or, will they be "un-doing" what they did?

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        Well it will x.x

        STACY 57 ~ 58 (received 1 Day Unstable Flask of the Warrior)

        SkyFallBR 60 (10% received the card Random Box)


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          None of my 4 chars received the correct rewards either :< i got the first 5 rewards from the event as well :c


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            I have 6 chars and all received only 1 items . char 1 - day 57-58 - Smilyn char 2 - day 57-58 - Clady char 3 - day 57-58 - Pynna char 3 - day 57-58 - BiggsG char 4 - day 57-58 - Wyndi char 5 - day 57-58 - Luffyt char 6 - day 57-58 - Dragao


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              hello (CM) Magitook all my characters received the gift of days 1 to 5 all this problem was solved as I have not really worried resivir awards for which I worked hard because I expect response


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                All Chars are on Kargo:

                xOnePiecex - Day 60 (10% card Random Box)
                Bracelet - Day 60 (10% card Random Box)
                CarbonDioxide - Day 60 (10% card Random Box)
                Adamas - Day 60 (10% card Random Box)

                As I pointed out, all these chars got a second round of 10% card boxes the day the event was disabled manually. All other characters I logged got the right rewards.


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                  yeah, I got all my characters in duplicate award first mistake, now 1-5 all received awards from the list of event ...


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                    For this Login Event, I only logged one character for the rewards.

                    That glitch got me the same soul linked flasks, when it was meant to be S cards.
                    Reading all these posts suggests that everyone who got their items duplicated, got the other 5 items messed up.

                    So what's going to happen?


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                      alberto day 60
                      alberto2 day 61


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                        Zanafex - last two days and others chars too but i dont remenber exactly what days are lost.

                        Good day community, is well know that the problem with this event is been so hard to solve maybe because isn't easy to solve due to some programing issues, is hard to find the exactly day for each people who lost those days.
                        My propose to solve this event at once is to give last 3 price (card s, card 10% and aug) to everyone who at less did half of the event, or if there is a problem trying to get what people did half just give price to people who log in the event. That will finish this problem at once and will help developers too to make it easier


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                          I checked all my chars (= a lot) and they ALL got 2 Hunting Licenses (soul linked)
                          I had a whole bunch of chars on for 4 days for the Extra Bags - today they all got the next 5 rewards so no problem there.
                          I was not able to do the whole event but for some reason three out of four chars that had the most days (1 had 47 and 2 had 48 days) today only got the rewards for day 2-6.
                          Btw the extra bag, merchant's permit and torches of Raon that I got today were not soul linked


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                            Ok so I did the event with 12 chars, I have logged them 57-60 days (I think 3 chars had 60 days of event and others 57). So I got rewards from day 1-5 on all of them. And yes, I also got twice of an item in that day with issues. So maybe all chars that got twice the reward got these 1-5 days rewards now.