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Worth moving to EU version of the game?

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  • Worth moving to EU version of the game?

    Hello everyone.

    My boyfriend and I met each other in this game,10 years ago, on the US servers. The European servers didn't exist back then.
    Recently we got nostalgic and decided to recover our accounts. We want to play a bit again, but it seems like there are almost no players in the US version?
    Is the European version more crowded? We got kind of sad to see a completely empty Saint-Morning for example.
    We will probably start a new account to play together from scratch. Is it worth to do so in the European version?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello , ive been a US player aswell , but the servers died cause of the release of the new EU servers , everyone wanted a fresh start cause of the fucked up prices in the US server so everyone moved to EU. From what i know the US got some server merged therfore there is alot of players there i think , on the EU u got 2 servers , Clockworks and Meteonyker , the CW server doesnt have much players as Meteonyker but we still got nice community , but Meteonyker has alot of players but slowly dying cause of duppers incidents. So basically to conclude: US=decent population (kinda recomended) , EU CW= good community and players (recomended) , EU Meteonyker=alot of instability , good player base but has dupper incidents every couple of time (dont really recommend) , but its all up to you and your bf decision , hope i helped


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      Same thing happen to me Melydian. Me and my wife played on 2008 or 2009 cant recall that well. I downloaded the game had to recover my account which took like an hour, but I was able to get online to the lycan servern. Sadly that place is deserted. I remember seen like 100 people in the market when I came back to play for a month or 2 in 2014. Now that place was empty for -1, -2 and -3.
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        Hey hey hey CW ain't dead


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          Thanks for the responses! We joined eu and started over in de Meteonyker server. It was worth it. Quite some more players here, and it was easier than expected to leave our original character behind.


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            Nice to see new players!
            If any kind of help is needed, feel free to contact me ingame: LyndisLongfar