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[EVENT]: Valentine's Day Stolen Heart 2017

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    Originally posted by Piccolo View Post

    due an issue with the boxes, we will remove them tomorrow, and will add all items which should be in the boxes to the random Monster Drops along with the Valentines Day Chocolate.

    Additional we will add the 2015 rings with a very rare chance to the loot as well.

    We are sorry for any inconveniences.

    So long,
    No more drop for rings? again other lie, nice job.


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      1 can't you guys just fix boxes and make em stack to 99 or 999 it'll be to cumbersome watching my drops for rings

      2 to the players, anyone see any small valentine love chocos drop?

      3 what am I doing with these stolen hearts? Just delete them after or can I turn them in for prizes?


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        Maybe the event is the mega sale /ridicule

        BTW need 44 coupule rings XD, 2.2b?
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          Originally posted by Kiesle View Post
          The only event items that I have seen drop in the past seven hours are:
          Milk Chocolate
          Love Chocolate
          Whiteday Gift Box

          Hell. I haven't even seen these heart pieces that are supposed to drop. ....
          Heart pieces drop from mobs Love Thief level 15
          (no level requirement for the Heart pieces)

          The Love Stealers are back!
          They have stolen all hearts from the people of Madrigal. Time to get them back!
          Every Love Stealer you kill may drop a heart piece.

          Collect all heart pieces, as many as you can find, until the 28th of February, 2017.

          Love Thief drop.
          Everything what Flyff wiki said is correct !
          I did a test with a vagrant level 15.
          No special drops except : Milk Chocolate - Love Chocolate - Whiteday Gift Box.

          Love Thief spawn.
          Everywhere in Madrigal except the premium area :Coral Island - Azria - Traesia - Dark Traeseia.

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          The drop rate of chocolates and items got so low. extremely low right after you remove the boxes.


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            Can we get a actual event thread with everything that is actually going on with event?


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              The New items that are suppose to be in boxes are just dropping Got a Powerscroll,choco cookie, shake and other stuff just as drops arnt they suppose to be in valentine boxes? and are the rings from the boxes or just like equipment drops?|


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                is there a reason why u cant trade more than 2 Couple Rings per trade? or is it that i am the only one with that problem??


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                  Originally posted by Equinox0088 View Post
                  Can we get a actual event thread with everything that is actually going on with event?
                  Exactly. We have 3 events running in-game atm but we got no sticky thread about it. Can you please make one? Thanks!


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                    I haven't seen anything drop and I've been farming for a short while. Yesterday had a better drop rate with the event boxes. WTH happened to this event?


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                      The official event thread is posted:

                      Please post your questions, remarks or update's there, closing this topic.