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Is this game dead? When are we flyffers gonna get something truly exciting?

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  • Is this game dead? When are we flyffers gonna get something truly exciting?

    I just wanted to ask if there were any updates that will soon be realized to make the game enjoyable again, since all you see now is AFK private shoppers and no one on the battle field. I don't need a vague answer to this question either, like many others have received, what I want to know is if this game is worth playing anymore or not. Like many other players, this game is part of my childhood and I'd like to keep playing it, but it doesn't seem worth it anymore. I'm sure that most of the GM's have seen the feedback and for some reason they won't act. Actually, to be honest, most of us know the reason, but no effort equals no pay .

    - A disgruntled player

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    Well what server do you play on?

    For example on my server, Yetti, I'll admit it is quiet there now, but with the up coming merge we could see a lot of life coming back. Including players from moco and tanuki. Ive even heard talk of EU server players might give the new merged US server a go.

    For now you will have to make do, there are still plenty who play, ive met 6 new players in the last two days alone who have commited to lv60-70 so far and they just want to keep on going! I think part of the 'no one in the battlefield' problem is once you hit lv60-80, a lot of people get tired of grinding and just buy q amps and boost to 130+ and start gearing for endgame activities or sadly quit I feel if we could remedy that somehow, say perhaps more exp events and/or ess amp reward events ( psst Webzen ;D ), we will see more new people back out on the grind


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      About this merging, when will it happen and which servers?
      I oftenly log in my char but it doesn't seem much is going around. We need good updates to give this game a second wind :/


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        Originally posted by Vnzrd View Post
        About this merging, when will it happen and which servers?
        On the US server Kargo and Yetti will be merged with Lykan.

        The merge will take place soon after GALA (the "developer") supplies Webzen (the producer) with the software necessary to complete the merge.
        In 2011, when Gala was both the "developer" and the producer, they did a merge and it was plagued with problems. Six years later they have far fewer, less capable programmers and are even more incompetent. Expect the merge to actually occur somewhere this side of never, Unless, of course, they hire 10 million monkeys to beat on keyboards for a thousand years.


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          I'm on the Tanuki server, and I'm selfishly asking for change for that specific server, but in all honesty, the whole game need some revitalization, even the new servers, merged or not. They need interesting events that don't break the game balance, and also the economic situation in the Tanuki server is terrible. There is little circulation of penya, and many players resort to the limited method of item trading.


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            all servers are empty, except some stoneheads like me on CW, all people are on Meteonyker, i sugest u give a try but dont espend on that server until the merge is done


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              To answer the topic:

              Yes and never.


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                Thanks for the direct and probably most correct answer.

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              Yes. But people will say no. Then again, those are the same people who think 12 players in a screenshot = Populated.

              To answer the second question when said Flyffers take off their nostalgia goggles and realise even "old" Flyff is a mediocre experience compared to some of the online games today or... Actually, that's it. Flyff is literally broken at its source. There is no salvaging the game itself. At best one would have to remake from scratch.


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                Cflyff translated into english would bring back flyff


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                  My account was hacked way back and I doubt they'd recover anything now. I still come back from time to time to see how the games doing. Still one of my favorite games.. but I don't want to invest all that time to get everything back unfortunately. One day I logged and my character and everything I worked to get was just.. poof, gone. My account was renamed to some random name, too. I had to recover it all.


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                    Originally posted by Kevin View Post
                    Cflyff translated into english would bring back flyff
                    I've heard so many wonderful things about Chinese FlyFF that this could be truth.

                    However, something that every Flyffer deserved was F2: Floating Fortress (FlyFF 2) but well, development got cancelled to focus on some sad generic mobile games.

                    We all would love to watch this game evolve somehow, but the sad reality is that it will never happen. I've been waiting for something big to happen since around 2010. I gave up already.
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                      F2 was just as generic as those mobile games. It was aged since day 1.