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Garnet & Lapis Lazuli 2017 Ring Set

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  • Garnet & Lapis Lazuli 2017 Ring Set

    For a few years, Webzen had been handing out the Garnet ring and Lapiz Lazuli rings as part of the Valentines Day event. However, last year's 2016 Valentine's Day event was a failure being that the best item you could get was food items. What I'd like to know is if there will be a 2017 version of this set or is it going to be similar to last year's event? Many of us are hoping that actual event items will be available for the event this year, otherwise, there's growing concern that many players are going to forego it.

    Webzen, I hope that we get this ring set for the event this year. Make this happen.

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    Hmm actually the best item is also the best cs hat released yet -> Luxury Hairband adds 7% attack ( I admit is very ugly but oh well, and they should let us transy it to any cs hair/hat). But yeah, I'd like to see something more interesting, maybe more new items.


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      Nothing yet ... I'm hoping that they do start dropping.


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        The official event thread is posted:

        Please post your questions, remarks or update's there,
        closing this topic.