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[Important] Character and item restoration policies

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  • [Important] Character and item restoration policies

    Hi all,

    as we never had a thread about restoration policies on the new forums here, I'd like to post them now as they changed a few weeks ago.

    Character restorations
    • Deleted characters won't be restored anymore. This applies to both accidental deletions and characters deleted on purpose. Therefore please be careful as items of deleted characters won't be restored either.
    Item restorations
    • Items that were deleted because of a bug or other game issue might be restored. This depends on the result of the investigation of the bug/game issue in question.
    • Items deleted by a player by destroying, dropping or selling them, sending them to a wrong player etc won't be restored. It doesn't matter if this was done on purpose or by accident.
    • There is no "One Time Restoration" rule anymore.
    Cash Shop items not received
    • If the investigation shows that the affected player purchased the items and is entitled to receive them, a restoration might be possible.
    Any restoration request has to be done by submitting a ticket. CMs and MODs here on the forums can't assist you with this. If you are not happy with the outcome of your restoration request, you will have to contact Customer Support again by submitting a ticket. Again, the CMs and MODs won't be able to assist you in that case and they can't affect the support team's decision.

    So long

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    we did have a thread about this