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When will the new Flyff V20 start?

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  • When will the new Flyff V20 start?

    Hey there.
    So i just saw on a forum, that there will be a new Flyff version coming to the Korean and Thailand Flyff.
    In that case, i am asking myself, when will it start on the EU server?
    Since the whole dupe thing is going on, won't the new Version patch be the best at the moment?
    It could definitely bring back some players, that just quitted the game because of the whole dupe thing and it would be of course something new for all players, since the game hasn't any big new patches in recent years.

    Heres the official post from the Thailand Flyff facebook page.

    I just saw, that the link isn't working anymore. You can just look after " Flyff Online facebook " and the second one will be the Thai flyff. Scroll a bit down and look after the 24th of February. I will also post the Google translate, since im not a Thai.

    "Announced today it has closed Flyff Server week from 9:00 to 12:00 pm.

    And we have achieved the title of Flyff contract out of the game for a long time already. You can take various items from my normal activities.

    Therefore, activity pages and games. The Giveaway Event The promotional activities will begin in full in the next week.

    And one more thing, the good news is that soon Flyff is a new Patch Update !!! It will be updated as Korea and Thailand. Pat details are added to the system. And change into many different systems Watch for details coming soon too."

    Also as you can see on the Thai page, the server is doing every day a new little GM Event (in my opinion, correct me, if im wrong, since again, i'm not a Thai). Thats something, that hasn't happened on the EU/US Flyff in a long time. And they got it every day... lol

    Can a GM/CM give us players some informations?
    If there isn't going to be a mayor change, I would definitely quit this game soon. Just like all the Players that quitted the last 3 Days.

    See ya

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      Hello 555Nase,

      We don't have any information about this so far. WEBZEN is not involved in the asian versions of Flyff. Therefor we don't get official information about what's going on there.

      We can tell you more as soon as the developer approaches us with official news regarding our western versions of Flyff.



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        I can tell you guys a secret about this Flyff It ain't getting updated Gaia ain't going to waste precious ****** time on this version but man I wish they did I wish this game had a chance to be good but you know why? look look at the publishers section right there and at the Version KOR and THA do you see what I see at KOR "Gala Lab Corp" and I have no idea why THA is getting it must be become "Ini3 Digital" is making a good amount of "PROFIT" for them

        And you guys already know who now owns Publisher rights to this game you guessed right Webzen to be fair the only reason they bought flyff was because they saw a chance of profit to be made since the price was right when Gala decided to sell its rights

        I heard about dupers and trade blocks (what the heck is up with that never in my years of flyff have I heard of something so stupid like that) and Shop blocks (This can't be legit unless you guys are joking?) and you know what's delaying the process of anything is because Webzen can't control **** and I have proof of this one the mod above me talked about it

        "So it means Flyff is an online game developed by GALA. They're the only one who are able to modify the game. WEBZEN is the publisher for Europe and North America (that's what "Commercialization Webzen Dublin" means). So WEBZEN is not able to create or edit game content themselve. They need to request it from GALA."

        And you can guess what is happening in GALA since they barely get money anymore they try to delay most of the requests from WEBZEN or even not do any

        I guess in the end the chance for a V20 update is a billion in one more likely to win the lotto then trying to hope there is a chance of V20 coming here


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          Maybe v20 will be like v19 but with a new feature: trading.


          • 555Nase
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            Savage :'D

          • Critney
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            you sure wasted no time roasting them LMFAOOO

          • SuchAGoodDay
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            HAHAHAHARD XD

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          Flyff v.20 will come very soon in Flyff Korea and Thailand (Gala.lab).
          A very special 6exp event in th.Flyff to be prepared for this beta test Alive.


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            How do I sign up for the beta?


            • Pabo
              Pabo commented
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              It;s only for the Thai and Korean Flyff version.

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            LMFAO @ that update
            Another level cap increase, 12% socket cards, color swap bosses... they have no idea what they're doing so basically lv1~149H = still stale or nonexistant dull broken content

            And a pet filter... in form of TIMED CASH ITEM

            Eldin's Jar's max going from 20k to 50k... lol why? That thing is useless in a setting where 300k+ HP doesn't let you survive in sieges.


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              Here a more comprehensive translation from th.flyff News in facebook
              Producer Ini3 Digital PLC! developer Gala.lab.

              February 24, 2016
              Announcement today: The Flyff Server will be closed for weekly maintenance from 9:00 to 12:00 pm.
              And we have successfully renewed the Flyff contract for a very long period of time. You can take your various items and use them in the game as per your normal activities.

              Therefore, exciting new activities on the website, freebies and promotions will begin next week.
              And one more thing, the good news is that Flyff will soon have a new Patch Update !!!
              It will be updated on the Korean server first; then followed by the Thai server. A new Pet system will be added as well as many other systems.
              The details will be posted in the near future..