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Gold Sellers, Item Sellers and the Consequences of their Use

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  • Gold Sellers, Item Sellers and the Consequences of their Use

    Everyone knows about gold sellers, and everyone dislikes them. Unfortunately, there's always someone who will support them. And as long as they get some of you to buy from them, they will continue to be in the game. But what harm are they really doing? Just selling Perin for real money, and that’s it?

    Unfortunately it's not that simple, and the real danger lies in not realizing this on the first view. No one ever asks where this gold is coming from. Farming, yes, that’s one way; but there is another. Most of the gold you buy comes from other users, who we had to ban for dealing with gold sellers.

    Gold sellers don't just sell you gold, they can also steal your account details without your knowledge. When registering with a gold seller, most players will enter the same password and/or email address that they use for the Webzen account. Some may also use the same password for their personal email, thereby giving up two important pieces of information needed to gain access to your account. If a user has set an easy-to-guess bank password (e.g. 1111 or 1234), a gold seller will then be able to gain full access to the character. Now they’ve stolen your money, will sell the items to generate more Perin, and use the character as a new means of promotion for their website.

    Unfortunately, once it gets that far we are at a point where the player must be banned, as even if they were "hacked" by a gold seller, the Terms of Service were breached when in-game items were bought for real money. This is not just a minor violation, this is something we take very seriously. It’s a breach of our Terms of Service, and it’s an attempt to buy an advantage for real money.

    Therefore, the consequences for buying items from gold sellers are: You lose real money, your account will be hacked, and you'll be banned for promoting a gold seller and breaching our Terms or Service.
    In the end, the gold seller wins while you lose all.

    So, think twice before you take the risk, and ask yourself whether this "advantage" is really worth it.
    Second: Item Sellers in General

    "Offer: Ultra-upgraded weapon for $$ - Get it now!" - Sounds good, right?
    No, it doesn’t. Again, it's buying an advantage for real money AND a breach of our policy on this issue.
    In most cases those items have also been duped, or obtained from "hacked" accounts (mostly from accounts that have shared their account details with friends). So if you buy an item for real money, here are the two main things to remember:
    • You are gaining an unfair advantage by buying an item for real money.
    • You are buying an item which is illegal in the game.
    Since item sellers will be banned as soon as they are on our radar, what are the consequences for the buyer?
    The player has breached our Terms of Service, and for this there can be only one answer. Spending money in an attempt to gain unfair advantage will not be tolerated.

    Oh, and we've heard all the excuses: "I got it from a friend!" (so that would be the duper we just banned 2 minutes ago?) "I bought this item legally in the marketplace!" (no you did not, we can see the personal trade with the duper.) "I didn't know that item was duped!" (that became irrelevant the moment you bought the item for real money.)

    Of course, a duper will NEVER tell you the item is duped. He will always tell you he upgraded the item himself, that it’s a legal weapon, that he's selling the item because he's quitting Flyff, etc. The fact is: You traded with a known duper who sells items for real money, and you have the exact item in your inventory that he had offered for sale - you’re out!

    We have a zero-tolerance policy on this.

    Seriously: Play fair, don’t buy gold or items for real money, and avoid getting banned. Every time you breach our Terms of Service, you risk being caught and banned.

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