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Fusion Bonus (2H-Weapon) permanent?

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  • Fusion Bonus (2H-Weapon) permanent?

    Hello there Flyffers,

    Just a quick question. When using the 2H-Weapon Combination System also known as the fusion system.
    Is that a permanent thing? Because I did recently fuse my ancient stick with the stats of my old Lusaka Stick. And I'm just wondering if I ever wanted to change that bonus, would I need to get a brand new Ancient Stick, or can I remove it somehow (Penya or Wcoins, I don't care).

    Thanks for help,

    Clockworks (EN)

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    You can't retrieve the Lusaka back. You can change the stats on the ancient stick but not on the fusion.
    Yes you can remove the fusion for 1m but you won't get the Lusaka back. See under the Cancel section here:

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      Thanks a lot Mikaru!

    • KissX3Kiss
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      Mikaru, the wiki says "The third box is for a CS item Rune of Weapon Protection (2 Handed Weapons) if you do not want to take the risk of sacrificing the second which will be destroyed when it fails." Does this mean that the sacrificial weapon will not be destroyed after a successful combination even when I don't use Rune of Weapon Protection? Thanks!

    • Mikaru
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      It won't be destroyed if the combine is successful but I highly recommend using the protection scroll as it took me 3 tries to combine my stick but with others it takes more/less.

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    Btw do you guys know how does the fusion bonus come out? Is that a random thing? or based on awaks?


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      Originally posted by LeoNYC2013 View Post
      Btw do you guys know how does the fusion bonus come out? Is that a random thing? or based on awaks?
      No, it's not random.

      The following things will carry over:
      - Piercings (only slots filled with cards, empty slots will be discarded)
      - Awakenings
      - Bonus status points if your weapon is stated
      - A small portion of the weapons attack value (0% if +0 ~ +3, 12% if +4 ~ +9 and 48% if +10) but converts it to ATK instead of addDmg/weapATK

      Everything else doesnt. (E.g. Element upgrade, juwels, fusion bonus)