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The official Price Check thread

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  • The official Price Check thread

    This thread is for any and all price checks that may be requested, for any server- just make sure to note which server you play on in your post. If you're looking to help someone, please use the Comment function to reply to the person's post, instead of directly replying to the thread.

    Additionally, please note that WEBZEN isn't responsible for any information provided here; should it prove to be incorrect and you act upon it, we won't be able to assist you.

    In any case, thanks to everyone who helps out!
    Gale - BowHarlequin - Demian || Gale - Jester | Fermi - Billposter - Tanuki

  • #2
    Hey (i presume i'm doing this right) i wanna clear out all the green's in my bank What should i sell these for (if they're worth selling at all)
    I'm on Tanuki if that helps.

    Cruiser boots
    Reberon boots
    two Wedge boots one with 1% speed and 1% crit damage
    full Stitch set
    Hyper Helmet
    Flury helmet
    Sayram boots
    Anoos helmet
    Teba helmet
    Resteron Gauntlet
    Shurand boots
    and finally TalinBoots

    Thanks for your time and help, and if any of these items are not worth the effort to sell just let me know thanks.


    • CerealOrMilk
      CerealOrMilk commented
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      Uh I'm not sure of the price. It can probably sell for a few million, cause you have the full set. But how much exactly, no idea xD

    • Lemier
      Lemier commented
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      i wanna buy your full stitch set. my IGN is Leandra. mail if you're interested in selling. thnx.

    • Lemier
      Lemier commented
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      do you still have your full stitch set?

  • #3
    Ultimate Lusaka Axe
    Ultimate Lusaka Sword


    • Plicky
      Plicky commented
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      update: I bought Ultimate Lusaka Sword for 15b, not sure if that's overpriced.

  • #4
    Edit.i am on lykan, how much is ranerz +8 0/3 set? How much is clean luska bow?


    • Cheriesaurus
      Cheriesaurus commented
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      Lusaka bow is in pretty high demand atm it was 6b last time I checked but I think it might go for 8-12b now. Ranarz maybe 15b~30b. Depends on awakes.

  • #5
    Hello I need a P/C on these items, Iam on Tanuki btw.

    Restra set+8 16% attack
    Hat: Dex+19
    Suit: Dex+16, HP+50, mp-100
    Gaunts (sta+3): Crit+2, Atk+20
    Boots: ICD+15, Speed+1

    LGB+10 electric +11 4/4 (B cards)
    AWK: ICD+13, DCT+1
    Fusion: Crit+2 ICD+13, Atk+20

    Johnny Four-Wheels 0/2 buff pet

    Thanks bownl / HorsepowerNL ingame


    • #6
      tanuki server

      friendly kargo
      cute baby cat 0/2
      mantle of reaven
      silverglory wings
      Enchatres set full
      125 bp M boots & hat (Roenier set (m))
      red scroll 15D & 1 DAy


      • #7
        Mocomochi Blue faerie wings?


        • VeroniQue666
          VeroniQue666 commented
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          Since there was a event going on to get all kinds of wings, including Blue/Pink faerie wings, should be the price arouns 15-20b.

      • #8
        Lykan Ancient Staff Ancient Bow Water S / Electric S / Land S Thank you!


        • Cheriesaurus
          Cheriesaurus commented
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          Anc Staff 25b~30b, Anc Bow 40b-60b, Water S 20-30b, Electric S 10-15b, Land S 20b (Last time I check which was a while ago so I might edit this if I see new prices)

        • AmiLee
          AmiLee commented
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          now Ele card - 5b / land card 8-12b / Water card 10-12b

      • #9
        Clean Ultimate Vampire Stick - Tanuki ?


        • #10
          Price check for the Fierce Dragon Cloak (M)? - Lykan

          ~Got one for 240b if anyone wanted to know


          • #11
            Price Check on Historic Ambidextrous Axe+1 (The one for knights). Tanuki Server.
            AND PC on Rofoen Set +8 [F]


            • #12
              Price check for QAmps 30D & Hero's Sunglasses please.
              Server: Lykan


              • Gadiati
                Gadiati commented
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                150b for the hero's sunglasses

                35-40b for the 30 day q-amps

              • Toxicity
                Toxicity commented
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                Thanks a lot!

            • #13
              PS for Ultimate Ancient One-Handed Axe
              Server: Yeti


              • JustinRuijpers
                JustinRuijpers commented
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                25-35b sometimes 20 sometimes 40 xD i think 40 now cause no one really hunting ancient due to login event

            • #14
              Vigor Ring +17
              Server: Tanuki


              • #15
                Server: Lykan

                I would like to know the current price for a Cruiser set and a Flaming Bow. + event stuff World Trophy Cheer.

                Also since I returned from a long hiatus, I noticed the event stuff currently (trophy,cheer,world) are being sold at 10m at the market. I would also like to know the prices for them as I have a bunch.