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The official Price Check thread

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  • MrBR
    started a topic The official Price Check thread

    The official Price Check thread

    This thread is for any and all price checks that may be requested, for any server- just make sure to note which server you play on in your post. If you're looking to help someone, please use the Comment function to reply to the person's post, instead of directly replying to the thread.

    Additionally, please note that WEBZEN isn't responsible for any information provided here; should it prove to be incorrect and you act upon it, we won't be able to assist you.

    In any case, thanks to everyone who helps out!

  • IFervidus
    commented on 's reply
    You'll have a better chance getting an answer from discord.

  • Shortreebs
    price check on spros tanuki server? thanks in advance

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  • Teenkiller
    Server: Tanuki

    soul leeching set price?

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  • GartugaKM
    Server Clockworks:

    Enhanced Activition

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  • Truongboy
    dinner set / rudolph set
    mocomochi price check please

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  • Smeril

    I haven't played for quite a while and I need pricing for the items I have:
    (Server: Lykan)

    -Knight Historic Weapon Set (7 Days)
    -Female Hanbok set (30 Days)
    -Muay Thai Set (F) (7 Days)
    -Doggy (7 Days)
    -School Witch (7 Days)
    -Knight Weapon Set (7 Days)
    -Assist Shurand Set (M) (7 Days)
    -Rudolph (F) (7 Days)
    -Magician Historic Weapon Set (7 Days)
    -Ball Mask Box (7 Days)
    -Ranger Osaka Set (F)(7 Days)
    -Billposter Alext Set (F)(7 Days)

    Thanks in advance! ^^

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  • StormyMoon
    commented on 's reply
    7 Day Qs are going for about 20b each as of last week.

  • Mishto

    I am a returning player to Lykan and wanted to learn the market a bit before I start throwing penya and items away.
    I'm hoping some of you might know the approximate price range of each of these items:

    Q Amps (7 day)
    Scroll of Aqui (High)

    Pride of Victory

    Love Chocolate

    Vigor +18
    Champion Set (8/3/5/3/8)

    Almighty + Wise Dragon Masks (M)
    Casanova Suit (M)
    Reconnaissance Suit (M)
    Mistletoe Suit + Hat (M)
    Mizu Yukata Hat 2011 (M)
    Chipao Panda Set (M)
    Kuma Cloak

    Any help is much appreciated!!
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  • VocxBloom

    Server: Mocomochi
    Please price check for:
    1. Bodyguard suit (F)
    2. Chapao shoes (F)


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  • Geocillin
    Checking the price of Ultimate Legendary Golden Gloves +6 pierced 6/6 with +35 dex, 10% crit, +7 STR, and 2% crit damage bonus from the piercings. +4% crit, 50 mp, +4 def for awakening and 1 +13 str diamond on it. On the Lykan server.

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  • Sylphyd
    Hi guys, anyone can tell me the cost of Xpros in Kargo? xD

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  • LuckyChloe
    Server :Tanuki

    Is the gold package, Pet tamer box, Clock bike chance box are worth selling here?? If so how much??

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  • KrispyKreme
    Checking the prices of pet tamer boxes and Gold packages

    Mocomochi Server

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  • Hadesmago
    How much is a Jimbo the Snowman (0/9) on Mocomochi server? :O

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