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  • Iseedaedppl
    commented on 's reply
    S cards should go for 20 25 mil in lykan Bolo cloak i may not help u but im interested in knowing the thins it has and image perhaps may get u an answer later. man this color hurts my eyes
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  • Iseedaedppl
    ill be selling on the lykan server
    guardian knuckle +3
    lusaka crystal sword
    recorn gauntlet (lvl 60 merc green)
    shurand helmet (lv60 assist green)
    stick of ivilines +3
    staff of ivilines

    id like to know the prices for which these go on the lykan server and if ur interested mail me at iseedaedppl - lykan server-
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  • Bacon4Jesus
    How much is Guardian Bow & Bow of Echoes in Tanuki? TIA

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  • Cadorcha666
    Server: Tanuki

    Rody SET + 10

    in perins plz
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  • SueKeyDyeYo90
    Server: Lykan

    How much would an Ultimate Vampire Bow cost nowadays?

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  • Svenn1
    wcoin price kargo and tanuki

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  • Sylph1
    green shield with + 350 + 250 MP
    green shield with +8 decreased casting time

    dont think it worth much, but..
    server tanuki

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  • Swarovskinny
    baby Lawolf 30D - Male snowman set 7D - Bluenine mask box 7D - Bastard sword DEF+16 DEF+64 DEX-1 critical +1

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  • LexieKitty
    commented on 's reply
    oh sorry its Lykan


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  • LexieKitty
    How much should I sell these items

    Gore necklace+6
    Vigor rings +9
    Demon earring +12
    Historic knuckle +3
    Historic yo-yo+6
    Historic big sword
    Green shield with dex +28
    of str and sta ancient shield +3

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  • DeadMansEyes

    I'm still looking for price checks on the following items

    Green Root Beer
    Remantis Laccotte
    Blessing of Goddess
    Qamp (7 day)

    Flash charm
    Sugar Boost
    Christmas Cake
    Pride of Victory
    1 Day Unstable Flask of the Warrior
    1 Day Unstable Flask of the Acrobat
    1 Day Unstable Flask of the Magician
    Scroll of Velocity (NOT SPRINT)

    Please help me
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  • Sweetness15
    price check unbindings on meteonyker pls

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  • RocketRay
    Server: Meteonyker

    I own a Lvl40 Ninegale Stick (Probably Fusion Material for Higher lvl Sticks) awaked:


    How much would it be worth?

    Also, I searched all around forum and noone ever said something about this..I always see people selling Sticks with awakes that would only work for Bows or other 2h weapons..the Fusion System works with different types of weapons or are they just trying to fool noobs? >< Since I am working a lot on Fusion Material Awakening I would like to know this, even though I know this ain't the right spot to ask it xD

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Lukas24

    (edit: sorry if this is the wrong place, thought this board would be most appropriate to ask this question)

    I havent been playing for like 10 years(or however many years) and just came back a few days ago to check the game out again. Now I see the game is pretty much dead(Tanuki), shops don't seem to offer a reliable source for prices and the market NPC doesn't seem like a great solution either. Now my question is, how do I figure out what my items are worth?

    (while I was listing the items I realized how many they are, sorry in advance for this big list)

    In case anybody knows the prices on Tanuki, here goes:
    Witch School Hat
    Snowboarder Suit, Gloves & Shoes F
    8x Scroll of Gprotect

    Hyper set+5
    Comet Set, Suit +3
    Talin Set w/o suit
    Cruiser Helmet/Gloves
    Wedge Helmet
    2x Miracle Helmet
    Petal Set w/o suit
    Stitch Suit +2
    Sayram Set w/o boots

    (edit)just got a +2STA +2DEX guardian yoyo from a yetti as well xd
    Guardian Bow +7 +3 Wind
    Iron of Clockworks +3, +19 STR -50 HP awakened
    Entanale Sword +3, +5 Wind
    Wheel of Wheelem
    Avalon Shield

    Arek Ring +4
    2x Stam Ring +4
    2x Vigor Ring +9
    Gore Neckl +7
    Mental Neckl +3
    Plug Earring +3

    Many of those +whatever cards

    Last edited by Lukas24; 17-06-17, 02:13 AM.

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