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  • Advice for a returning BJ

    Hello everyone!!
    I'm a returning player and I'm just spending some time playing flyff with my old char.
    I have a level 100 full dex bow jester. It has a +3 restra set with +13 DEX awake, some base jewelry and nothing more.
    It's a character I made to farm some event items and make money so I never thought to spend a lot of penya for the equipment.

    That said, I was just wondering if I could make more damage by restatting in full STR yoyo jester and use a nice yoyo (the main purpose it's just to make some fun in PvM and make money for a future char).


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    Depends on whether you are able to get 100% critrate or not.
    But long story short, yes you will do more damage per hit.


    • MarcoRC
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      Thanks, so as long ad I can get 100% critical rate I will be able to do more damage..
      Could you also suggest me a Yoyo Jester guide, the ones I've found are a bit old

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    Guides didnt change very much since... forever.
    The only thing different now is that you dont need any points in DEX anymore
    and that you should always use the weapon with the highest level.

    Set -> Restra, obvious.
    Weapon -> I suggest the Lv 95 ultimate typhoon yoyo (based on your current Lv). Shouldnt be too expensive
    Juwelry -> You should get your hands on 2x Arek +18 ring. If that's not an option put 62 points of your levelup stats in DEX instead

    With the +13 dex from your restra and +20 from cannonball (assist buff) you will have exactly 110 DEX -> +44% critrate.
    Add the +40% from Critical Swing and +15% from your Restra for a total of 99% (basicly 100%)

    And I also have a little advice for you. Think about where you want to farm with your jester. Then level up/down until you are +1 level above the monster's. That way you will gain access to the +25 ~ +100% dmg boost modifier on critical hits instead of the +15 ~ +40% if you are of equal/lower level, while still retaining a nearly perfect droprate.
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    • MarcoRC
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      Thank you very much, those are very usefull informations!! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​