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Hint for Blade lvl 100

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  • Hint for Blade lvl 100

    Hi mates, how are you doing?
    So 8 years later im back to Flyff, I wanted to know if you guys got any hints for me to level nowadays, I got a Blade lvl 100 Full set e and jewels, is azzy still the best place for leveling? And wish someone has some hints for farming nowadays and last, there are no more Q Amps at the premium shop in-game?
    Thank you for you're attention, good luck, cya <3!

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    Hello SourKush,
    Welcome back to begin with! Azria would still be the place to level at lvl 100 until you can go to Traseia (lvl 116 mobs). About the farming what kind of farming do you mean? Event farming it is useful to kill the mobs as fast as possible, but dungeon farming is of course a bit different. Lastly, the Q amps are only in store on the US server and not on the CW server.