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Returning player in need of Levelling Guide after 150

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  • Returning player in need of Levelling Guide after 150

    Good day!

    I am a returning player with a few level 150 characters (Arcanist, Mentalist, Seraph, Slayer). The last time I was active was 2016, when the level cap was still 150. Can someone give me specific areas/monsters where I could level up? My goal is to reach 170 on all characters. I am in no hurry, so any suggestions for what I should prepare for will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much!

    P.S. If there have been previous guides posted similar to my inquiry, please let me know and provide me with a link. I'm still learning my way around the forums. Thanks!

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    Welcome back NoEvilBox.
    There are two areas where people go to level up.

    The first is Dark Traseia. After the levelcap got increased to 170, Gala updated the level range of the monsters on DT.
    The highest leveled monster there is Lv 155 now. You will be leveling there at least until 155 maybe even a little bit longer.

    After that you go to the Mars Mine. The area got repurposed and now hosts monsters from lv 155 to lv 160 and a few even higher leveled new gigants.
    But beware, because the monsters there have a crap ton of HP (1.0 ~ 1.5 million HP) and hit like a truck (multiple tenthousands).
    This place is where you will have to reach lv 170, as there is currently no other place to level at.