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    Hi Everyone!

    I used to play Flyff many years ago, during my childhood, and I was willing to comeback and have more fun with this lovely game, but as I read on Forums and Wiki I found that I am very outdated and I don't really know how to get on my foot with all the new stuff that came around since I left.

    Could anyone give me some hints on how to get started in the terms of money ingame? I read about the new quest that has this Reonan NPC as main lead but I am not sure if that money will be enough for a newbie to get the stuff we basicaly need to get around alone on the game and not suffer from any ways of making money without having to spend real money would work.

    I still didn't come back to the game since I haven't read all the changes it's been through but I am planning to do it soon so if anyone could help me ingame, not with free stuff or money giving, I don't want that, but with tips mostly, I would be very glad. ^^

    That's all for now, I guess :3