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Returning player from 5+ years ago. What has changed?

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  • Returning player from 5+ years ago. What has changed?

    Right now all I know of is the 2H weapon combination system became a thing. I don't know much of anything about it. Can I just level without doing that, or do I need to find a crazy awesome thing to merge into my yoyo.

    Also is there an updated jester/gear or leveling guide? I'm 99M right now, and ultimate historic yoyo with the restra set was the best thing to use when I quit, along with demols and vigors. I was just planning on going to the forsaken tower.

    Is lvling still as hard as it used to be? Have the exp tables changed, or do I need to wait for another exp event before doing anything.

    P.S. I had 2 amps going 5+ years ago, who's timers would stop when I logged off...even after a server merge, they were still there! I was amazed.

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    Not necessarily needed to combine right now based on your level but will eventually be essential once you start getting into higher levels. I'm not exactly sure if their's any leveling guide for jesters based on the fact that they're no longer a very popular pick in terms of class choice due to their ineffectiveness in siege battle.

    As far as weapons and gears are concern. I'm no expert when it comes to Jester but my guess is going with an Ancient YOYO. As far as the armor is concern it would really depend on what type of build you are looking to go for. You can go with restra, a vagrant with good awakes or even cruiser and when it comes to jewelry. You can go the old route of demols and vigors unless you have some extra cash to spare. I would recommend going with the newer jewelries. Either an Angel Set 2017 or Dinner Jewelry Set but then again it would all depend on what type of build you're going for.

    Leveling isn't that hard anymore as long as you have decent gears. But with Q amps and R amps in place, leveling is now a breeze. Note: Gotta love those amps. If you have the P amps those are worth as Gold now haha

    In addition, if you are planning on making other classes. Look into either Force Master (PVP), Arcanist (PVP & PVE), Crackshooter (PVP & PVE). Note that arcanist has a better edge when it comes to crackshooter in terms of PVE.

    I hoped this helped.


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      Oh one more thing. Look into joining the discord page people seem to be more active over there.


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        Sweet, that's exactly what I needed, thanks. I'll have to see if I can get the Angel set 2017. It also sounds like I should try and sell the old P amp I still have. I might also look into having my Ranger leech while leveling to get him up to speed.


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          I wouldn't. Those P amps are EXTREMELY RARE! Last time I see one was back in 2011. So keep it for as long as you can. Save it to when you're planning on going level 170. If you can use R am or Q amps for now.