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  • Noob Questions from returning player

    Hi havent played in years few questions i have if anyone can help.Is the buff pang gear better than the rare gear? been trying to giant at low lvls with rare gear but the big drop in hp is not helping. Another question have started an acrobat , aiming to make a 1v1 ranger can anyone help with which skills i need to get and max as some guides are confusing and outdated, also the rotation used .What lvl gap should my char be to farm rare drops?
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    For a ranger use rental gear until you either make a decent lvl 1 set or get a cruiser set. For skills all you really need is the block one, speed one and the one that turns you invisible. If you decided to use aoe use arrow rain and the 2 you get at lvl 60. And for rare drops + or - 3 lvls gives the best drops
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      Thank you so much brilliant response appreciate it