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  • Jesters Still Alive (advice)

    Hey guys
    As a lot of ppl here I returned playing after I discovered about the merge (btw merge it all lol)
    i used to be a BowJester at lvl 107 (I’m from lykan!- kargo - glaphan) I came to realize that BowJesters is an outdated class so I restat to YJ.
    I enjoy gameplay of jestes and i really don’t want to lvl another class for now
    Thats why I want advice...
    Ill keep lvling and havin fun as yj and waiting the balance (from what I can remember few ppl used to play as ranger, witch now is one of the most powerful classes, so I can hope jesters will be saved)
    what can i goal for now to have fun and make money?
    i know I won’t be able to go through 130H+ coz block rate of mobs
    I can’t go siege properly ...
    any advice ?
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    Actually, jester is just a weak shadow of blade. Jesters aren't as good in pve as blades, elementors or psykeepers + they aren't as good in pvp as billposters or rangers. So you better choose another class for now and wait 1-2 years for re-balance update.


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      lol, still remember when jesters used to consistently top siege. Unfortunately their low attack rating couldn't keep up with the broken hp bonuses the devs like to add.

      Sadly, as moth says, jesters are probably the worst class for pve and are way passed their prime in pvp. In both cases due to their ridiculously low attack stats not being able to scale with hp bonuses. They are still playable, just know you'll probably be lagging behind most classes in some form or another.

      As for your specific question on advice, the best place for a jester right now is probably the lower to mid level dungeons. (lvl 80 to 110). I know wilds would probably be easier on a BJ, but I don't really have experience with the other 2.

      For a pvp comparison, I ran some quick numbers in the sim and this is what it turned out. (do note these numbers are for lvl 150 with maxed out gear and cs, but they are still sim numbers, so they might be completely wrong)

      Harle - 130k HP / 100k- Harle Greeting / 160k Penya Strike (in this case Greeting is added as a spammable skill)
      Arca - 120k HP / 140k Eva Storm
      Crack - 140k HP / 130-250k Crits (hard to figure out in the sim)