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  • Returning noob needs help

    Hey my dudes I'm a very old school player from Mushpoie I played when there was powerdice 05-07?. I returned in 2012 for about a week to get lvl 60 because I never made it to second job.

    Anyway I need help I have no idea what im doing now that ive returned the game has changed a ton. I have nothing maybe 1m I have a lvl 60 blade which is full dex (I know thats bad). Im here to ask should I reroll? If so what levels quickly without much support as I have nothing as far as penya or friends.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    I would re-roll or restat that blade. Full DEX blade is poo. I would go pure STR and get all your DEX from awakes or jewlery. Blades are still one of the best classes to solo grind this game with so maybe just restat him. On a second note please keep in mind that blade is also one of the most expensive toons to gear. No other class approaches the price range when it comes to gear and im talking billions will need to be put into it for a good blade. You have a less of a bank killer as an option as well. Ranger is also amazing for 1V1 leveling and their gear is mid to low cost. Also Bow jesters are a thing of the past due to every bow now having crit chance on it.


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      Hi there, if you are ready to quit Lykan, i can invite you to our guild in Mocomochi. Then we can help you out with everything.