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  • Ringmaster build help

    Hi there,

    Please bare with me although I have played flyff for a number of years, I have never concentrated on my rm so much. I have always gone knight/blade.

    I basically want RM to support my blade and hopefully get to the point in the future I can use my blade and rm to boost people.

    I am just looking for an overview of stats and equipment to go for with regards to my rm, I am also aware due to the new fashion items a lot of the forums I've read regarding this are now outdated.

    Up to now my rm has been pretty much ignored while I have focused on blade. But I feel my blade is now at a point it has pro gear (+10 azurite, perfect tiger, pet with soul and attack beads, fairy (I want to be able to solo dungeons) sdc, etc). My rm is currently wearing +10 flury, good awakes, sdc, wise set, wise mask. I do not want to upgrade the wise set yet without knowing it is the best set for what I want. I understand I need an ancient stick when I reach it. Current level is 113. All stats I have currently put in int.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.

    My two main goals are : support my blade char and helpful when boosting.

    Thanks in advance, apologies for my lack of knowledge with rms.


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    I would get an Emerald set for the rm, but thats just me, im and HP addict. Id go all int build, emerald set and Land S+ anc stick


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      Depends on how much you want to spend on your RM.
      Flury is a good support set, possibly exchange it for the level 105 support set or the lvl 120 set depending if you want the RM to be able to last longer from an agro or do more on their own.
      Is it purely for PvM or are you also trying to consider some PvP in it?