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Dinner or Fairy Set?

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  • Dinner or Fairy Set?

    Quick Question, which Set would be better for a Slayer?

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    I'm a fan of Fairy, it allows me to load up my axes with STR cards instead of Sta and that keeps their value higher for if I ever sell them. With Dinner I wouldnt be able to solo my dungeon runs as well. Dinner gives great damage but I find the lack of tankyness an issue. STR piercing give me dmg and ICD, while STA piercing would only give me HP. Thats my reasoning.

    With blain+10, STR/ICD awakes, 2x anc axes with STR piercings, and a fairy set. Build 100sta XXXstr at lvl121H, I can solo all dungeons including ancient wep hunting.

    Again just my opinion, some might say the dinner set and sta awaked gear is the way to go.