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110blade vs aoe knight vs rager

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  • Kembo
    started a topic 110blade vs aoe knight vs rager

    110blade vs aoe knight vs rager

    i curently have a lvl110 blade, a lvl90knight and a lvl87 ranger...i was hooked with my blade got a good vaggy set but it seems i am stuck at lvl110 for too made me reconsider switching to my knight or ranger both with clean gears nothing rm and lvl1 leech...but i lvl in tower with blade...i dont have enough ffunds to get ticket for 3 people every day...any advice?? thanks

  • Prololz
    you should be able to sell all the stuff that you drop to an NPC, i often go to tower, and i get alot of useless stuff, should be enough for 3 char tho

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