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  • Fast & Easy Solo 130 Character

    So y
    ou wanna know a very easy, fast and useful Level 130 Character to make without needing to pay for boosting or tanks and Q amps.

    ~ Events items you can farm to help out! - 1 day Eldin gift jars , Cute invasion Es amp's

    Getting 130 isn't that hard I did it with Es Amps no tank no boost just Psykeeper and level 1 leech I grinded Cute Invasion event for like 550 Es Amp's sold amps I did not need to buy gear funny way of leveling you wont believe my trick is very easy and effective but after you get 1 ability you don't even need to fight anymore lol no pro gear needed.

    Items~ needed
    Psykeeper with complete clean (champ set) = 250% reflect damage a (Jar) for healing and (level 105 +3 armor set) for increased hp % you don't want a +10 set because you want the monster's to damage you as much and as fast as they can. High defence & block are bad to have in this case. You need a full STA build, ( Helpful things not required but does help is pierce suit for 4/4 28% hp increase STA, Run speed, awake's on gear) you want as much run speed, and hp as u can get.
    No fighting required just attack something really high level so they hit max damage on you that you can tank and they die super fast.
    Example~ 250% reflect and lets say you have 30k hp your tanking 10 monsters at a time that hit 2000 damage on you 2000 x 250% = 5000 damage reflected back.

    Example ~ this is what I did in 1 double exp weekend 120 master psykeeper to 130 I went to dark traseia to level 149s Reflect aoe'd 10-12 at a time I had 100k hp I could reflect 40-65k damage on them they died so fast with es amps getting like 5% exp per aoe I think not bad at all.

    Only bad thing about this is that's its really annoying running out of gold pills you will burn threw and you will spend a lot of money in gold pills and every few hours u need to resupply on pills for your jar but with this build u can reach lvl 130 without amps and without x2 exp event its slower but its easy. There are several reasons why you should try this if you do not have a 130+ character 1 easy to lvl up, 2 its a tank so u can tank for urself or others if u want to its always nice to have your own tank, 3 mentalist are actually decent in pvp u can kill anyone in the arena unless they 1 hit kill u first with full sta build baruna wand and 1 hit rune mentalist can be evil lol.

    Mentalist are pretty useful class so many things u can use it for people will invite u to dungeons because mentalist skills are awesome for bossing list of things u can actually
    do as a mentalist ( Tank, Reflect AOE, Weaken bosses, with pro gear hit insane damage on monsters or people and your attacks cant be blocked I've seen mentalist who were grinding level 150 1 hit kill monsters never actually seen max damage of a mentalist seen 500k damage once but I believe u can actually hit up to like 1.5m maybe more im not 100% sure on that but that's with like best gear u can get.

    Mentalist can solo wilds and savage wilds u can either tank / reflect kill boss if your using a jar and have high enough hp you can get past all agor rooting mobs by using the teleport skill to move around even tho your rooted.

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    Hope this helps anyone having trouble making up there mind on a character.