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A couple of questions about fame titles...

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  • A couple of questions about fame titles...

    1) Do ones previous efforts carry over when one enters the Master/Hero levels?

    2) When one is leeching do the kills count toward the fame titles...or does one have to make the kills alone?

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    Hey LollipopAddict,
    For as far as I know all the previous efforts still count and will not change when you become Master or Hero.
    or the leeching, this does not count. You have to be the one killing the mobs, or you wont be the aibatt hunter for example. But keep in mind only the person with the last hit gets the kill for the fame title.
    I hope this informed you enough!


    • LollipopAddict
      LollipopAddict commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the response. It's a shame the titles don't grant a modest buff. : /