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Where are the Golden Key's?!

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  • Where are the Golden Key's?!

    I've been grinding in this game for well over a month now - and have killed 10's of thousands of mobs - and not one golden Key has dropped for me! Yet, I see that some people have dozens of them for sale in their shops. What the @#*& is going on here?

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    Gold keys are sold in the Emporium. Level 15 keys are 600k each; Level 60 keys are 1.2m each; Level 90 keys are 6m each; Level 120 keys are 12m each. You need an Emporium Ticket to get there.
    Keys are also sold in player shops and the Vendor.


    • LollipopAddict
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      Ah, ok...I'll see about getting a ticket. Thank you.

    • Len45
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      It may be more cost effective to buy them in shops. A One Day Emporium Ticket either costs you real money or is a few billion in game.