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Tons of questions regarding DEX Blade

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  • Tons of questions regarding DEX Blade

    Im a new player, 131-H full STR Blade. The 1v1 play style does not suit me well.
    Now im planing to make a dex blade. My game knowledge is poor, there are not many DEX blades around which i can ask for advice either, so i decided to create this topic on the forum.

    My main goal is being able to tank end game dungeons and still be able to lvl myself solo with aoe. Is it possible? I want to understand the whole thing, the ratios etc. Please dont post builds from other places or suggestions u heared here and there. Share your knowledge and game experience with me, please do some explaining, the math is very important for me here. Theory crafting is fun.
    I know i can't have both things maxed out, but it would suck when i end up having a blade that can neither properly tank nor kill at least mammoths, don't u think so?

    lets break this down into 3 categories: stats, items, skills.


    A friend tanks Lv144 mobs in DT with DEX:190 and STA:XXX as bow jester. Thinking about doing something similar, but i don't know if this low DEX stat will somehow affect my AOE skills in a negative way. More DEX? Less DEX?

    DEX = parry% which ratio is higher compared even to a bow jester. If so, then:
    ??? how many DEX points = how many parry% ??? How many parry% to effectively dodge mobs on Lv144+ ??? Does my lvl affect my parry and block rate when i try to tank mobs above my lvl??? How does it works???


    Accessory: now i got champions set, for end game -> fairy set
    Armor: blain set, ???minimum +8??? i will go mainly for STA on the awakes and HP% cards in armor, is that OK?
    Weapons: dunno to be honest, 2x ulti ancient axes? ??? Does the weapon damage affect my skill damage??? If yes how??? How do u calculate it??? Maybe shield for more tankines in dungeons with skills like Protection/Pan Barrier/Ultimate defense ???
    Cloack: now i got Bolo cloack and for end game SDC.
    Cosmetic: end game Emerald/Cassino, atm i have some crapy stuff


    Blade dance as main damage skill??? Dex effects skill attack rate, approximately 6 Atk per 1 Dex <- this is from wiki.
    What about cross of blood ??? Whats the skill ratio here??? Its affected by STR and DEX, which stat is better for it??? Whats the ratio ???
    Any oder skills i should consider???

    Thanks for ur time.

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    Sadly, i don't know many facts about it (but i wanna make DEX blade too).

    But, i have an idea for you. Buy arek rings +18, make ur char naked, look at your block and parry stats and then wear the ring. So you can find out how much block and parry you will recieve from 30 dex points. Also, you can find some easy mobs, then wear casual weapons and check damage. Then you can wear your ancient axes and check damage again. So you will find out how aoe damage depends on weapons' damage. Moreover you can wear 2 arek rings +18 and check Cross of Blood damage. Then try 2 vigor rings +18 and after that try 1 vigor + 1 arek. So you can find out what is the best choice.

    about cards: monsters higher lvl than you can ignore a lot of your armor, so HP cards are preferable. But if you gonna farm monsters with lvl like yours or lower - defence cards are much better.
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      Here's the thing, Cross of Blood seems to be STR based, so if you plan to use that as your aoe go for a STR build. The DEX aoes are Blade Dance for sure, and I believe people say Sonic Blade is also an aoe. Both deal less damage than Cross of Blood, and the damage for all 3 scales horribly. I'm not sure about parry for blades, I believe Acro classes have the highest parry, and I don't know if it actually even works or not. What I can say is that blades have the highest base block rate in the game. Here's what I've found based on the sim (do note the sim is outdated and has a possibility of error)

      150 Slayer (all this is without RM buffs, so it assumes you're solo. I'm sure you can make the changes yourself for RM buffs)

      Equip - 2x Anc Axes, +10 Blain Set (40% Atk), +18 Champ Set (no awakes)

      Block - needs about 135 dex to max block against Kalgas (that could be 2 Elec S cards +20 Dex from Bolo Cloak + 88 Base Dex +3 from +10 Set)
      -- This set up also gives you max crit and aspd
      -- I wouldn't really go for higher Dex unless you want to max out ranged block without having to use a shield, or you really want a ton of parry

      HP - 200 Base Sta + 5 Land S gives 71k HP. Worst Attack from Kalgas with +20 Element on suit is 70k

      Damage - If you follow this Dex and Sta set up you end up with base 157 STR, making Cross of Blood @ 11K. If the rest of your piercings (10) are Fire S, Cross of Blood does about 13K. So like most blade skills, it doesn't scale very well... This build doesn't max out your hit rate against bosses, so your DPS might be higher using swords instead of axes (thanks to +10% hit from Blazing Sword)

      Fairy Set - This gives a ton of Dex and block rate (among other things, but these are the main ones for this discussion). Which means you can pretty much go without all the base Dex and focus on damage/HP


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        alright time to clear some stuff up, DEX from my experience does near to nothing except increase parry, ATK speed and critical hit chance. Back before the v19 weapon stat changes Crit% was hard to come by so it was common for people to put DEX to boost that critical hit chance. Axes and swords after they changed stats will most likely give you 100% attack speed and Crit chance without a problem so in my opinion DEX is near useless for blades, the best course of action would be to mix STR and STA for your needs but don’t waste points on DEX. STR gives 4.5 ATK (stat) per point If you are wielding a sword and 5.5 ATK per STR if you are using axes. The only time DEX gives damage is to bows (2.8 ATK per point), but only to bows.
        and when it comes to calculating skill damage, all blade skills have 2 variables that affect, STR and ATK.
        im pretty certain the damage formula for Deadly X and Cross of blood is (7.1*Your STR value)+ Your ATK stat. Haven’t actually tested PvE and it’s an estimation.
        Otherwise when it comes to jewelry stick to gear that gear that gives Additional Damage, but Christmas fairy is a FANTASTIC set for blades since the block is great and the damage and HP is great, one of the best PVE jewelry sets.


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          The Blade (2nd job) AoE skills are based on DEX and not str. However the Slayer skills (3rd job/130+) AoE skill is based on STR.