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Returning to play after 10 years with a ranger

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  • Returning to play after 10 years with a ranger

    Hey guys, anyone can help me with ranger build,
    looking for a little find build that advise to AoE until level 120, then change to x1, but I saw that it has several items and it is easier to level now with these helps than the game of green and strong items, which build stats advise?

    somebuilds i saw

    Sta 60
    Dex XXX


    Sta 100
    Dex xxx


    Full Dex

    What u guys think ?
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    my stats and set are these and working
    80 sta base + 40 buff = 120 sta wihtout set 15k hp
    set Ranerz +8 = 15% hp and 25% block meele = 18K now
    set champion +3 = 20% hp and 20% block meele an 50% reflect damage = 21k hp now
    set casino and sentiel mask = 24k hp

    block need much block

    set ranerz +8 = 25%, cats reflect 12%, perfect block 20%, champ set 20%, sentiel mask 3%, casino set 4% = 80% block is good for me
    no have cloak with hp only matador cloak 10% parry


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      Editing a comment
      Where i can find this campion's acessorys no one is selling it, and what is casino set? only fashion set? u put awake on it ?

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    Tks man, its help me a lot!


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      I did 60 Sta xxx dex,
      I went to 75 sta around 130 H though
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