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Fame Title Inquiry (Fame meter)

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  • Fame Title Inquiry (Fame meter)


    I am writing this post since I want to check if there is a way that we can somehow see how far are we going with doing the Fame Title mission.

    Like if am to kill 15k aibats.. will there be a meter that i can gauge if im almost hitting 15k or not even close yet?

    Or if I am to try the Jump Master.. if I have already jumped almost 500K or not?

    Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hey WalterJ, at this moment it is not possible to see your progress on the fame titels.


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      Thank you. So whenever i meet the requirements then it will just automatically pop? I guess i will just have to continue then no matter what... tnx mod


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        Yes, when you reached the requirement you will receive a system message saying you received the title.


        • WalterJ
          WalterJ commented
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          Mod... i forgot to ask this. If exmaple I will opt to go for Aibatt kill... does it require the Aibatts only or does the small and captain Aibatts will count? I just need clarification on this matter. The same when killing Lawolf, Cardpuppet etc... are small and captains counted? Thank you. Any knowledge will be greatly appreciated.

        • (MOD)Serabell
          (MOD)Serabell commented
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          You can only kill the regular Aibatts for the title, this means not the small, captain and giant. This is also why you have for example the title Ghostly Prince Hunter and Ghostly King Hunter.