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    I awakened my C class pet and it got horrible stats. I can't find a reverse pet awakening scroll in the store.. what should I do??

    Is it possible to buy a new C class pet from a player and continue the raising a pet quest with that?

    Is there a way to raise a new pet starting from class D? Since the quest asks me to come back when my C class pet has 99% exp, it seems unlikely, so maybe another C class pet will work for the quest?

    Or is there a way to obtain a reversed pet awakening scroll??

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    Hello Wolfchan, the Scroll of Pet Reversion can be found under Equipment Enhancement-> Stats and Awakenings in the Cash Shop. This will give you the ability to delete the current awake. However, you are also able to buy a new C level pet and continue with the quest and the same with the new D class pet. The quests are unlimited and the will reappear when you have a new pet available.

    I hope this will help you!


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      Thank you Serabell!!!