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  • Setting priorities

    So i am playing on CW server and i am currently in a bit of confusion

    i have a blade lvl90 a knight lvl90 and ranger lvl87

    1) i want to know which of them should i lvl first

    2)also for ranger/knight what method to use aoe to lvl?? I am a bit dry on funds

    my knoght has 170 base sta qnd started adding str now

    got any tips on leveling??
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    Farm event items, collect money and buy lvl-boost - the fastest and easiest way.


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      Farm events, and got nice equipment (+10, a good stated fashion, a nice jewerly, upgraded garnets or a chistmas set, a pet 6/9, and a nice cloak/mask), then u can level without boost, and not be a fail naked hero


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        warm welcome to CW

        1.) ranger is good to keep round lvl 80 (or even better a bow-jester, if the bow-jester stays at lvl 80) to go solo hunting lusaka dungoen..its always nice to have a high lvl Knight so you can tank for your own or other chars..having said this..lvl 90+ blade is a great farm char and probably the fastest to lvl solo 1v1, they do however demand alot of money since they are the most expensive class in game followed by rangers.

        2.) knights are one of the cheapest class in game..well ofc it depends on what gear you aim for. AOE knight are full STA and maybe round 20-35 STR (for some damage)
        not many aoe-rangers out there.. almost sure lvling full DEX 1v1 ranger goes faster than aoe.

        here some tips: since event is running atm i would farm with the blade and try make some money..heard that the Russian event cloak sells for 150-170b thats a good start for getting your future equip..lvl-ing wise i would use your own lvl 1´´leech´´ vagrant and be in a full party head over to azira.

        yes Boost is the fastest way to shoot up in lvl but this also cost unnecessary perin. I would solo lvl event and try put some money aside for future gear and weapon..nothing worse than being a naked HERO.


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          Originally posted by Chiili View Post
          not many aoe-rangers out there.. almost sure lvling full DEX 1v1 ranger goes faster than aoe.
          nope, AoE is still noticable faster than 1vs1 for rangers.
          It's a simple math problem.
          Assuming running patterns are the same (which is true in the long run) we can say the following:

          1) If monsters have very low blockrate, a ranger would have to consistently 1shot its prey in order to outspeed the aoe varriant.

          2) if the player always twoshots the monster -> aoe is faster than 1vs1

          Assuming you can collect ~ 35 monsters without uneccessary movement we can calculate the time needed for both 1vs1 and aoe to slay all of them

          a = 0.5 <- the time it takes for bow users to shot an arrow (exluding the arrow animation)
          b = 5 <- the time a ranger needs to kill the monsters he collected (easily doable)
          c = 0,96 <- your maximum hitrate
          d = 0,15 <- the blockrate of the monster on average (15%)

          Time = [ ( 1 / ( 1 - d ) ) * ( 1 / c ) * ( 35 * 2 ) * ( a ) ] - [ ( 35 + b ) * a ] = 33,77sek

          If the time is below 0 then 1vs1 is faster, if above 0 then AoE is faster. The number you get is the amount of seconds the levelingstyle is faster. We can see that just from 35 monsters, 1 ranger which consistently 2shots monsters is ~ halve a minute slower than his aoe counterpar

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        could not set a comment, dunno why

        ​​​​​​​I like maths ,
        but lets be realistic here, your calculation is relating to a plain field without any trees, stones etc etc and a player who is making the same steady movements no matter what + ur example has to be hit and run to prevent waiting times the spawn will need, to reach you.

        The plain field might be a case in alot of spawns but not all, especially some high level spawns.
        Another thing is constantly spawn switching as aoe to secure a full mob respawn.(most of the spots are several spawns)
        That problem isnt existing as 1v1, its just a fluid movement from mob to mob.

        Dont get me wrong 99% of my chars are aoe and i love it because i like that it keeps me busy and awake, even rangers and blades, but faster? not even noticeble.
        What ur calculation does is painting a picture of a robot in a plain field and not a human player ^^.

        Its the same with things like the famous character simulator, its quite precise about damage numbers, but for example we had players here and there in our guild and they took more time to watch numbers and calculating their levelup time, than actual leveling and it never worked out in the daily flyff grind.

        But this whole topic brings me back to an opinion i have for a while now, since the 1v1 classes are so close and even faster than aoe in cases, why do we still have the drop penalty on aoe?
        The foundation of this decision is not existent anymore!

        Greetings Pepper
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          it really depends on your 1v1 gear. For example, I tried grinding a bit recently and it takes me almost as long to 1v1 a single 155 bunny than it does to aoe a spawn of them. I do admit that my gear is way outdated (28% atk, 3awk set and a +15 crossbow) and not the best for 1v1, but I also haven't leveled in many years and I'm way out of practice for the whole aoe thing. Lastly, given the block rates of those monsters, it should be much faster for a ranger to aoe unless it's consistently 1-2 shotting a monster.


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            Thx you guys so heres what i decided
            i will lvl my blade first till 121H then have my ranger farm normal wilds for a while with blade doing the other dungeons and when i have money gonna lvl up knight after i gear him up