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  • Blade vs knight

    so hi, im kinda new with the new version of flyff and i have no idea with how the end game works..

    im a big fan of the merc class with their ability to tank and my question is..

    1. going for AOE type of leveling and as far as im concern blade and knight can aoe; blade going for a dex build and knights for sta. so in terms of this build i was just wondering if ill have an easy time with both or if going for dex blade (less hp) will give me a hard time?

    2. after the grind, ill restat for 1v1 build for farming dungeons. knowing slayer is a prime candidate for 1v1, i was wondering if a 1v1 2h sword knight can also do job.

    3. i have 3.5b, 2pcs +16vigor and 2pcs +14 demols, and a wise dragon king set (i know , i know, im still looking for a trader for a fierce dragon set) so what class do you think i should invest into

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    1. AOE Knight is easier than AOE Blade.

    2. I have seen a 1vs1 Knight with good damage but 1vs1 Blades are way better than 1vs1 Knights.

    3. Knights are the cheapest class and Blades are one of the most expensive class. It's your choice on what class you want to pick. If you do end up going 1vs1, then I would suggest Blade.


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      thanks for the reply, im having a hard time looking for gears right now as there are only few people vending in the lykan server and close to nothing are being sold at the vendor npc

      1. i guess ill go for knight and make it a meat shield then make a aoe blade for easier leveling. thanks for the info sir!


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        back in the day I saw someone go for a hybrid blade build. not sure what his stats were, but he was high dex using more or less 1v1 equips with blain set, so he would hit fairly hard while collecting and finish off aoes quickly because of it. A fairly good idea imo considering blades have pretty terrible aoes as far as I remember. The thing about blades is that they have the highest base block rate in the game, so they can max it out with relatively low dex. Knights on the other hand do have weapons better suited to tanking in the 2h axes and have stun built into their aoes, making things a lot easier.


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          aoe blade´s are a dying breed..i got one and she is awesome: XXX dex, 30 sta stat = lots of block so the monster hardly do any damage on her..
          equip is virrain and 2 ancient swords stamina awake and HP cards..defender jewelry and casino with bolo cloak

          back in the old days the weapon had HP% unlike today guess this is one of the reasons aoe blades disappeared
          a blade gets a multiplier of x1.5 of weapon strength other classes don´t recieve this, thats why a blade always will be higher in damage dealing

          btw the slayer ´´cross of blood´´ aoe-skill is STR based unlike the blade 2 DEX (´´blade dance´´-swords aoe and ´´sonic blade´´- axe/or/sword aoe) skills

          1.) pick a knight if you want to go aoe build.. reason: it is bit cheaper, prob more easy going and you can earn penya later on with a decent HP pool and high enough lvl ..
          (i personally prefer aoe with a blade but theres a reason to why this class is so rare..cost money and 1v1 blades just deals higher amount of damage)

          2.) a blade gets a multiplier of x1.5 of weapon strength, that other classes don´t receive, this is why a blade always will be higher in damage dealing

          3.) ...i cant really tell you whats better since they both great in different ways both the aoe-knight or the 1v1 statted one..personally for me blade is my favorite..


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            1. Either works. AoE knights are easier.
            2. Slayer. If you're going to do a 1v1 knight, go with a curtana and crit damage shield for higher DPS, but slayers are the best 1v1 class in the game. 2-h big swords are absolute garbage.
            3. Again, blade/slayer. They'll get the most out of it.

            Blade is pretty much the answer to everything here aside from AoE leveling. TBH, though, if you have the right equips and a red scroll, you can level faster with 1v1 than AoE. My blade is 93 and can, virtually, 1-shot princes.


            • HotPepper
              HotPepper commented
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              to point 2:

              Ultimate Ancient Two-Handed Sword-
              Att Speed+45%, Critical+45%, ICD+101%, Bleeding+7%, Hit Rate+10%

              (can have sockets and 2h fusion, that means possible 20 sockets with icd and two times icd awakes)

              Attack Speed +36%Critical +42%Increased Critical Damage +80%Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric] +8% Hit Rate +10%

              (cant have any sockets, more expensive to get a good awake, way lower base damage, faster atk speed( dunno if its worth it when u
              skip 10 sockets)
              and yes u can wear a nice icd shield but u are still skipping a whole weapon full of sockets

              my lvl 156 tamplar is currently lvling in mars mine and i want to switch to 1v1, so if u have viable arguments for me why 2h swords suck over curtana and shield im open for suggestions
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            • Sylphyd
              Sylphyd commented
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              Technically, Scourge isn't wrong. After running some numbers in the sim, I found that the DPS for a +20 Curtana + pierced shield does edge out a Maxed out Anc 2H Sword with similar awakes and build; with one exception mentioned below. Now for some comparisons:

              The Curtana will give you 1hk / remantis rune, and that's about it. (until the supposed fix to barunas)... oh and access to some Templar skills. (If I remember correctly there are no Templar skills that are usable with 2h sword). Barunas do have (or at least did have) better upgrade rates, but upgrade materials are hard to get and/or expensive

              Anc 2H Sword does have higher base dps. It doesn't have runes, so you can't rely on hax to kill stuff. Socketing for STR does make DPS higher than Curtana; presumably it's the same for pvp dmg if you socket pvp dmg instead. Upgrade rates are(were) much lower, so even though the materials are cheaper/easier to get, it's still very expensive to max out. You do get 20 pierce slots instead of 10 which lets you play around with your build a lot more (at least for the time being), although that would mean sacrificing DPS for either more Speed or HP

              Conclusion, if you have the resources for it, I would suggest the baruna as well. More so given the fact that you have access to yggdrasil weapons now and they carry pvp damage; balancing out the socket bonus of the anc sword while having higher rates than a curtana. Not to mention, if they do get fixed, barunas will probably spike in price... That said, 2H swords are so sexy, unfortunately 2H barunas don't measure up in dps right now.

            • HotPepper
              HotPepper commented
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              thats what i call a viable argument, i will test it out
              but i will go a bit further and take the 155 sword and my icd shield