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  • Newbie Player from another server

    Hi! I am new *again* to this game, I came from my country's (Philippines) official server. Is it normal for me to keep using the Vagrant set +weapon and shield from the Rental Pang even though I am already level 34 Acrobat? I figured that I do more damage with the axe compared to the Yo-Yo and the shield gives me dmg reduction or should I go for other items? Thanks!
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    What stats do you have?
    You shouldn't care about items until 45lvl, then you better find 45lvl rare set. Also better ask your questions in discord channel (look it in main page), you will recieve answers much more faster. Also pm me in game, name's Selbstopher. I offer free tank service to players from 15 to 60lvl.


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      Dont know anything about this new rental system but i think you should be fine since ur not that high level yet