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Is using reflect damage mechanic afk farming?

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  • Is using reflect damage mechanic afk farming?

    Hello Players,

    We received a lot of reports concerning people who are using the reflect damage to farm afk, so we thought that it would be worth a clarification on this matter.

    Reflect damage can allow you to deal damage to mobs and kill them without having to play the game. It is technically afk farming since you are farming the event without being in front of your computer. With that being said, you are using a normal mechanic of the game, not some inventive trick, macro or program. For these reasons we consider that reflect farming is not against the rules. Besides, the efficiency of such a method is rather limited.

    However, the vast majority of people using this method are also being automatically healed by another character, this time using a macro, program or some other inventive method. This is strictly against our terms of service and forbidden.

    I hope the situation is clearer on your side, and we wish you a happy (legit) farming.

    Your Flyff team

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    Thank you for clearing that up Klaig, it's good to have an official stance on reflect farming, especially with big Christmas events coming up.


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      What about characters such as Bill Posters who do not have reflect damage but are still using it?


      • Jammey
        Jammey commented
        Editing a comment
        Champ set gives reflect