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[Aibatt] Invasion of Elliun

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  • [Aibatt] Invasion of Elliun

    Hello everyone !

    The ground trembles under the feet of the Lycan Tribes. After hundreds of years of internal conflicts, those ferocious tribes are finally reunited under one banner and will do everything in their power to destroy any sign of civilization. The Chiefs Keokuk have gathered their troupes and their first target will be the city of Eillun.

    The very first invasion of the Aibatt server will start on Friday 15th of November at 5 PM UTC in the south east of the Kaillun Grassland:

    Expect all sorts of Lycan monsters and more dangerous threats, as well as the traditional Pignata invasion monsters. Don't forget that this event will happen with the double exp event !

    Good luck !