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12 Years Piccolo - An Open Letter To The Community For His Anniversary

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  • 12 Years Piccolo - An Open Letter To The Community For His Anniversary

    Dear Flyff Community,

    It all started in 2005, when the first Flyff server opened in the US, and I created my first account for Flyff. Curious about this new world, I created a character, called him Sarfin and entered the world of Madrigal, not knowing what adventures would await me.

    In 2006, it became clear that Gala-Net, the first publisher of Flyff, was about to expand to Europe. Germany was about to get its own translated version of Flyff, and against all odds, I had thrown my hat into this. I was a qualified QA tester, so I offered myself to test Flyff for bugs and translation.

    My offer was accepted, the adventure continued…

    In December 2006, Flyff Germany was about to go live, but one thing was missing: a game master. Since I did a good job as a QA tester, the boss of Gala decided to keep me as a GM as well, and so I had become the second main GM of the game, and Piccolo was born. I must admit, I did know a lot about QA (testing and reporting issues to the developer), but becoming a community manager was completely new to me and even now, 12 years later, I continue to learn that managing a community is not a simple task. A community needs care, love and affection, loot, epics and a reason to not always kill each other. In June 2007 I arrived in Dublin and became a full-time community manager.

    Well, now, 12 years later, I am still here – I never left. I have seen many come and go in the company: friends, work mates, producers and co-producers. I have survived the merge from one company into another. I am the last remaining person of the founding team of I was there when Flyff EU opened servers, and I will be the one who turns the lights off when the server is unplugged forever (don't worry, we might have many plans for Flyff, but closing the server isn't one of them). I am the Alpha and the Omeg… ok, well, let's not go that far.

    12 Years: I never thought we would last that long. We have seen many ups, but also many, many downs. Like the 6-week rollback. They said, "That will be the death of Flyff!". We survived. Our developer did not update Flyff for 5 years. No updates, no bug fixes. They said, "Without any updates, Flyff is going to die!". We survived.
    It looks like Flyff is somehow immortal. It doesn't matter what happen, the game always stands up again and the game goes on. Last but not least, because there is a strong community which love and support the game.

    I am often confronted with statements like "It was all better with gPotato" or "Since the change to Webzen, they don’t care about us players anymore". I can assure you, that's not true. I would not spend a good quarter of my life on a video game if I did not care for it. Flyff has become a part of my life.
    Many of you I’ve known since you were still young, and I have seen you growing up from a perspective not many have seen. You have played the game, gotten older with the game. Some made friends, some even fell in love. I know of some couples who met in Flyff and are now married. And that's my adventure, which started with a young man deciding to create an account, 12 years ago.

    I might not be the wisest of the GMs, not the best handler of community issues, especially not on days when everything blows up. But I can assure you that I am a game master at heart – that I am not only a part of Webzen, but also a part of you guys.

    Finally, I have a special thank-you for my friend and long-term moderator, Discord administrator and sometimes even mentor: Amenofus.
    You have been in the company for nearly as long as me, you were on my side at all times, have been through all the good and the bad and you were often solid as a rock, have helped with the community, and much more, way more than I ever could thank you for. I am glad that our paths have crossed. You have become an important part of Flyff and the community as well. I am proud to call you a friend.

    And of course, I also thank you guys, the community. Without you I would not have been here all these years.

    Well, let's end it here, before we all need a tissue, and just look forward to the next 12 years.

    So long,
    Your Piccolo

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    Thank you Piccolo!


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