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[Ingame] Madrigalaxy Event (11.06.2019 - 02.07.2019)

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  • [Ingame] Madrigalaxy Event (11.06.2019 - 02.07.2019)

    Date: June 11th, 2019 - July 2nd, 2019
    NPC: Vega
    Location: Flaris
    Level: 15-170
    Objective: Collect 5 Glass Bottles (from Monsters level 15+) and 5 Star Pieces (from Monsters level 15+) and bring them to Vega in Flaris. She will reward you with a Star Box 2019 !
    Riding Cloud (Light pink) A mysterious flying cloud. Maximum Speed: 269 km/h. 1 No
    Cat Set (30 Days) (F) A cat set for female characters. Last for 30 days. 1 No
    Cat Set (30 Days) (M) A cat set for male characters. Last for 30 days. 1 No
    Nymph Hair (F) Black Fancy black hair for Female Characters 1 No
    Luxury Hair (M) Brown Luxury brown hair for Male Characters 1 No
    Tiger Cub Young Tiger wich follows you overall and collect your items. 1 No
    Bridge Lovers' Gift Box A wide range of wonderful gift for you lover 1 No
    A Premium Box Hundreds of free gift are waiting for you! 1 No
    Amazing Pouch (Scroll of Smelting) Amazing Pouch (Scroll of Smelting) 1 No
    1 Day Extra Bag Expands item carrying limit for characters. (Lasts 24 hours from activation, even if logged off) 1 No
    Friendship (A) Summon a player to you (30 sec: Casting Time). This item only works on characters on the same continent or in the same instance. 1 No
    FlyForFun Bundle Box Contains a Fly, For, and Fun card! 1 No
    The Seeds of Love Increases Max HP by +150 for 1 hour. Once expired it becomes a Love Sprout. 1 Yes
    Rhisis Box Treasure box that has Rhisis's blessing 1 No
    Green Root Beer Increases your Speed by +5% and your HP by +100 for 10 minutes. 1 No
    Basic Furniture Set (Red) (7 days) Basic Furniture Set in Red 1 Yes
    Pink Cake I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So I got a cake. Recovers 9.999 FP. 8 No
    Green Cake A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake. Recovers 9.999 MP. 8 No
    White Cake Not quite a Chef Duff masterpiece, but it does the job! Recovers 9.999 HP. 8 No

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    Any information if its only monsters or also collecting fields?
    The basic furniture has stats?

    Thank you


    • Pabo
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      Star Piece. (from Collector Fields)

      May-be the low rate at the collecting field 2 or .20...30 /hour could be disregarded.
      Drop from Monster +15 it's the right place to get it.

      Update after the maintenance.

      GM Klaig's answer on discord
      Can you get star piece from collector??
      [GM]Klaig no you cannot
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    can you atleast give the detail of what inside the box you are gathering geez like cristmas boxes w detail like for example the cats set is the cat set are the same as seling the market or the one you used in the event set


    • Klaig
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      Hello, We do not disclose the content of some boxes, because we believe that discovering by yourself their content is part of the fun. Also we think it's beneficial for the community if players collaborate with each others to find the content and seek information.

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    Missing items.

    Fortrin Mask Box (7days)!

    Fortrin Mask that lasts for 7 days and increases your strengh (STR) by 5.
    Soul-Linked No

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