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  • Server Merge New Date and FAQ

    Dear Players,

    Due to the complex nature of the task, with a notable number of data at stake, we are sorry to announce a delay of 2 weeks for the upcoming server merges. We will do our best to make sure this new date will be the final one: 7 of May, 2019.

    In our preliminary FAQs below, you can find all you need to know:
    • Q: What will happen when you have more than 3 characters across all servers? (Max is 9 characters now, will this be increased?)
    • A: There is no limit. Players will keep all of their characters.
    • Q: What will happen with duplicate character names?
    • A: The oldest character will keep the name. The Character Name Change UI window will pop up for all other characters with the same name.
    • Q: What will happen with the adv. guild furniture that is active now?
    • A: It will be stored in the furniture storage of the guild leader (or the owner of the items).
    • Q: Will there be more adv. guild houses than there are now? They are already full on all servers, and when combined a lot of guilds will lose their adv. guild houses.
    • A: There are no plans to increase the number of guild houses.
    • Q: Will the signup list for the Siege and Tower Siege be increased so more than 8 guilds can participate? (With almost 20 guilds now that siege at minimum on all 5 servers the max of 8 is way too low.)
    • A: There are no plans to increase the quantity of teams which can apply to the Guild Siege at the moment.
    • Q: Will the siege signup be changed so you can use perins to pay?
    • A: There are no plans to change this feature at the moment.
    • Q: Will there be a PK channel?
    • A: We will have 1 PK channel.
    • Q: Will the EXP be 1x or 2x?
    • A: The EXP rate will stay as normal (1x).
    • Q: How many channels will the new server get, and how many channels will the premium areas get per channel?
    • A: The server will have 4 channels (3 normal, 1 PK).
    • Q: What will the new server name be? (Could make a contest for this)
    • A: Meteonyker will merge into Clockwork, so Clockwork will keep its name. Hydro will merge into Murano, so Murano will keep its name. We will organize a poll so people can vote for a new name for the French server.
    • Q: Will all ranks be reset, e.g. Siege, Colosseum?
    • A: Ranks will stay as they were on Clockwork/Murano/Euphoria.
    • Q: Will everyone keep their items and perins? (Also due to different economies)
    • A: Players will keep everything they have.
    • Q: What will happen with duplicate guild names?
    • A: As with the duplicate character names, the oldest guilds will keep their names. All others will get a temporary name and the option to change it.
    • Q: What happens with Guild War requests?
    • A: Guild War requests won't be transferred to the new server. You can contact customer support to receive a reimbursement.
    • Q: What features will stay the same after the server merge?
    • A: Anything not listed above will stay the same, including:

    • Messenger Friends List
    • In-Game Mails
    • Mentor & Pupil System
    • Mentor & Pupil Level and EXP
    • Couple Relationship
    • Couple Level & EXP
    • Achievements
    • Items, Bags, Bank
    • Soulbound/Level Restrictions
    • Awakening
    • Upgrade, Elemental Upgrade, Piercing
    • Time-Limited Items, Buffs (including Beads)
    • Room furniture already in use
    • Items and Penya in Guild Storage
    • Hall of Fame & Rankings
    • Items in Private Shops
    • Buff Pet Names
    Kind regards,
    Your Flyff team

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    Merge of the Meteonyker and Clockwork server.
    Delay to 7 of May, 2019.

    Meteonyker.Skeleton Devil’s Cloak.
    all Skeleton Devil’s Cloak will be removed from the Meteonyker server before the merge.
    We decided to keep one Skeleton Cloak in each inventory of players level 150 and above
    I think nothing is changed regarding Meteonyker.Skeleton Devil’s Cloak.(?)

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    • Meanysword
      Meanysword commented
      Editing a comment
      so if i would like to keep a skeleton devil cloak on my lets say templar lvl 150 but i would like it to not be soul linked so that i can trade it over to one of my dungeon farming accounts after the merge is it possible for me to put a non soul linked cloak on my templar and then delete the soul linked one that is on it and keep a non soul linked one?

    • Klaig
      Klaig commented
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      During the merge we will delete all but one cloak on your character.

      So in you case I would delete the soul linked cloak and keep in your templar's inventory the non soul linked one.

    • Meanysword
      Meanysword commented
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      thanks for the confirmation i will be sure to do this

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    Little update: we will have 4 channels for the merged server.


    • Len45
      Len45 commented
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      Good news! I hope you also do this for the final US merge.

    • Pabo
      Pabo commented
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      Great News for the Clockwork server (EU).

      Len45 We will see if we have five channels (4 + 1pk) for the final US merge : Lykan(merge} + Mocomochi + Tanuki

      [GM]Klaig FAQ in French forum - Merge : Illustre + Euphoria = Mahtolle (new name)
      R : Le serveur possédera 4 canaux (3 normaux, 1 PK). Nous testons en ce moment la possibilité d'un 5éme canal.
      A: The server will have 4 channels (3 normal, 1 PK). We are currently testing the possibility of a 5th channel.
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    Server merge! Update. September 10 2019.
    The last steps, we are getting closer : )

    US. Mocomochi and Tanuki. --> Lykan

    Any changes in this FAQ ?
    " 4 channels for the merged server. " 3+ 1PK. ...

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      We will release the FAQ in the upcoming weeks. Don't expect major changes compared to the Lykan merge.


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        Hello [GM] Klaig
        After merge, more than 3 characters.

        Common Bank!!
        Access items in all your characters' banks.

        Some players start creating more characters in others cluster with the same account, expecting to have access to more banks after merge (*)
        To day Common bank let you have access to the three slots of your account..

        Q. After merge can we expect more slot access with Common Bank option. ?

        (*} Total : 9 characters, with a new account in all three clusters.
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