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F.A.Q. For the upcoming Server-Merge

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  • Piccolo
    started a topic F.A.Q. For the upcoming Server-Merge

    F.A.Q. For the upcoming Server-Merge

    Dear Players,

    As you know, we are on the final stage of the “Server Merge” topic. In our preliminary FAQs below, you can find all you need to know. Please keep in mind that we might update this list; since testing is still in progress, these points are subject to change.
    • Q: What will happen when you have more than 3 characters across all servers? (Max is 9 characters now, will this be increased?)
    • A: There is no limit. Players will keep all of their characters.
    • Q: What will happen with duplicate character names?
    • A: The oldest character will keep the name. The Character Name Change UI window will pop up for all other characters with the same name.
    • Q: What will happen with the adv. guild furniture that is active now?
    • A: It will be stored in the furniture storage of the guild leader (or the owner of the items).
    • Q: Will there be more adv. guild houses than there are now? They are already full on all servers, and when combined a lot of guilds will lose their adv. guild houses.
    • A: There are no plans to increase the number of guild houses.
    • Q: After the first US merge, will everything be reset again when the next US merge is done (loss of adv. guild houses and the furniture that people bought in between)?
    • A: For every server merge we do, the Medium Guild House and the Lord System will be deactivated.
    • Q: Will the signup list for the Siege and Tower Siege be increased so more than 8 guilds can participate? (With almost 20 guilds now that siege at minimum on all 5 servers the max of 8 is way too low.)
    • A: There are no plans to increase the quantity of teams which can apply to the Guild Siege at the moment.
    • Q: Will the siege signup be changed so you can use perins to pay?
    • A: There are no plans to change this feature at the moment.
    • Q: Will there be a PK channel?
    • A: We will have 1 PK channel.
    • Q: Will the EXP be 1x or 2x?
    • A: The EXP rate will stay as normal (1x).
    • Q: How many channels will the new server get, and how many channels will the premium areas get per channel?
    • A: The server will have 3 channels (2 normal, 1 PK).
    • Q: What will the new server name be? (Could make a contest for this)
    • A: The name will stay unchanged. Since Yetti and Kargo will merge into Lykan, Lykan will keep its name. Keep in mind that this is a temporary measure since we will have more server merges.
    • Q: Will all ranks be reset, e.g. Siege, Colosseum?
    • A: Ranks will stay as they were on Lykan.
    • Q: Will everyone keep their items and perins? (Also due to different economies)
    • A: Players will keep everything they have.
    • Q: What will happen with duplicate guild names?
    • A: As with the duplicate character names, the oldest guilds will keep their names. All others will get a temporary name and the option to change it.
    • Q: Are you going to deactivate some of the features of the game before the merge?
    • A: One week before the server merge, we are going to deactivate the following features:
    • Lord System
    • Medium Guild House
    • Q: What happens with Guild War requests?
    • A: Guild War requests won't be transferred to the new server. You can contact customer support to receive a reimbursement.
    • Q: What features will stay the same after the server merge?
    • A: Anything not listed above will stay the same, including:

    • Messenger Friends List
    • In-Game Mails
    • Mentor & Pupil System
    • Mentor & Pupil Level and EXP
    • Couple Relationship
    • Couple Level & EXP
    • Achievements
    • Items, Bags, Bank
    • Soulbound/Level Restrictions
    • Awakening
    • Upgrade, Elemental Upgrade, Piercing
    • Time-Limited Items, Buffs (including Beads)
    • Room furniture already in use
    • Items and Penya in Guild Storage
    • Hall of Fame & Ranking
    • Items in Private Shops
    • Buff Pet Names
    Kind regards,
    Your Flyff team

  • (MOD)Amenofus
    commented on 's reply
    Hello Anlu,

    We don't have any information about a re-enabling of the character deletion from GalaLab so far. So I don't think it will be part of the merge process.


  • Anlu
    Q: Would the option to delete characters would be enabled again?

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  • StormyMoon
    commented on 's reply
    With the previous purges Meany, if the character was over level 60 then it would never be purged. It was only characters level 59 and lower that would be purged if they were inactive for a certain amount of time.

  • Meanysword
    commented on 's reply
    i still have my original character that i quit back in 2009 so i didnt even know this was a thing :P but good to know its not gonna happen this time

  • Klaig
    commented on 's reply
    That is correct.

  • StormyMoon
    So no inactive character purging this time?

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  • ClockzChu
    • Q: How many channels will the new server get, and how many channels will the premium areas get per channel?
    • A: The server will have 3 channels (2 normal, 1 PK).
    We need more channels, some servers have up to 4 right now.
    Mars only has 2 spots to level to 170 right now, with 3 channels that will be 6 where 2 will be PK.

    Atleast 5 needed tbh. Maybe during events activate upto 8.

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  • Meanysword
    commented on 's reply
    i guess i @ the wrong person but comment still stands

  • Meanysword
    commented on 's reply
    i understand what the page said i was wondering if disabling the features means the first attempt will be done soon? like in the next 2 weeks or is it pre prep as you plan to attempt it soon but have no official date for the first merge?

  • Pabo
    Date. we get closer closer..

    Phase 1.
    Yetti, Kargo and Lykan. First step. 19/02/2019

    Please find details about the weekly maintenance below.
    Maintenance date and time: 19/02/2019
    Game Maintenance:
    07:00 - 12:00 [GMT]
    Portal Maintenance:
    07:00 - 09:00 [GMT]

    Servers restart

    Yetti, Lykan, Kargo only: In preparation of upcoming Server Merges, the following services are going to be disabled:
    - Auction House (items will be available again after Server Merge is complete)
    - Guild related features, including Guild House and Guild Government
    - Rainbow Race
    - Lord System

    Q: Will there be a PK channel?
    A: We will have 1 PK channel.

    As stated by @GM Klaig in discord : PK channel in S3.
    Last edited by Pabo; 19-02-19, 12:18 AM.

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  • Meanysword
    so in case people are looking at this thread todays game update is going to disable a few features on the usa servers that are supposed to have the first merge Klaig does this mean we can expect to see some major progress within the next 2 weeks for at least the first stage of merging servers?

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  • Meanysword
    commented on 's reply
    you say good games dont allow you to open more than 1 window but they also dont rely on having 8 people to get the best xp rates in the game too so relying on 8 different people would make it impossible to ever get to max level in this game if we could only log in 1 character at a time

    commented on 's reply
    Klaig i think 3 its a good number, i open up to 6 as well tough

  • TheZoldycks
    commented on 's reply
    good games dont allow to open more than 01 window, just saying...