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Guild Siege rules: Statue hiding, we need your opinions

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    - How often do you play in Guild Siege? Almost every week, for 1.5 year now.
    - What class do you play in Guild Siege? Mainly BP, but also played arcanists and crackshooters
    - Do you think the ability to hide in the statue benefits the game? I think It does benefit every class. BP's can statue jump to escape from other BP's, Cracks can use it to wait DI cooldown or kill arca's or other classes sitting in a statue, arca's can use it to camp/protect their team inside it. Some people are complaining about arca's camping inside the statues but after all its not that hard to kill them, jump inside while spamming holies and redmantis.
    - Do you think hiding in the statue should be considered as a bug abuse, and therefore be forbidden? No, it became a mechanic of the game, a lot chars rely on the statues. Statues have been there for always so why would you change it? I would rather have gm's focus on bugs like ressbug, stunbug and focus on cheaters.


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      -How often do you play in Guild Siege?
      •Almost everyweek since July 2016.

      -What class do you play in Guild Siege?
      •Billposter / Force Master

      -Do you think the ability to hide in the statue benefits the game? Justify your answer.
      •It actually does especially for Arcanist tactics. Going in statue isn't really hard if you are very well experienced in siege arena most of the siegers from what I've seen aren't good enough or skilled enough to just go straight in to the statue so for me it could be count as your skills, and to become a PRO Sieger or a PRO BP you should have some skills or talent and this is a very ez talent I don't know why they complain about it.

      -Do you think hiding in the statue should be considered as a bug abuse, and therefore be forbidden? Justify your answer.
      •Nope, how long was the siege running for? like a decade? If this is a bug there are more serious bug to think about and have 'em fix and this Statue thing would've been gone or fixed long time ago if this one count as a bug abuse.


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        -How often do you play in Guild Siege?
        I siege whenever I am available now a days (life happens), but I used to siege religiously

        -What class do you play in Guild Siege?
        I only play Arcanist/Elementor since GALA was handling the game

        -Do you think the ability to hide in the statue benefits the game? Justify your answer.
        I believe everyone benefits from hiding in the statue, like SerPoe mentioned it acts as a "safety" for any class and removing so will make the game more pay2win. It will be more a battle of who can have a better gear.

        -Do you think hiding in the statue should be considered as a bug abuse, and therefore be forbidden? Justify your answer.
        I don't think it should be considered as a bug, since it acts as a factor for play style for various siegers. I am not gonna mention specific games here, but if you check other game's pvp system they utilize environment/surrounding as part of pvp gameplay and various players can use such environment to their advantage. The statues, the bonfire in the middle and random blocks on the my opinion acts as "environmental factor" that makes this pvp interesting.

        Side notes:
        I disagree that hiding in statue makes you "invulnerable." If you check some GS povs, you can see some players being able to target players and attack them. Shout out to those who can do so!! This comment may be considered bias considering how the class i play is one of the class that uses the statue. Personally I do not do it, i prefer roaming, specially if i decided to solo .
        I understand that it seems to be an issue for other servers *coughs* moco, of arcanists camping in statue, but like how others mentioned its an easy "feat" to prevent this issue and some even thinks its an "Easy kill" to kill those arcas camping in statue. This feat may be hard for those that been complaining in flyff discord, but I guess that's what it makes it "skills and strategy" for certain players. Also, It seems like its a problem for other servers that some arcas farm off "filler guilds," so why not do something about those guilds?
        Lastly, I believe there are much more important "bug " fix you can do than this one, like what others mentioned....too lazy to list them all


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          Finally someone is talking about this issue. And there are many other issues in siege which needs to be fixed like the ress bug and many other things. But this is a start!

          -How often do you play in Guild Siege?Almost everyweek
          -What class do you play in Guild Siege?BP,Harle,Ranger
          -Do you think the ability to hide in the statue benefits the game? no it doesn't since it's a kind of exploit. ill justify my answer below with the next question.
          -Do you think hiding in the statue should be considered as a bug abuse, and therefore be forbidden? yes it's a bug abuse/exploit. This is an exploit which benefits the bps and arcas mostly, its true all can enter but come on..if harle or ranger or blade does it he will die since no speed and they will be targeted by the ones inside, arcas are inside spamming evas. Bps would say "yea keep it,let it be" cuz they are exploiting it to the maximum. Just think of this a bp with high speed who can jump from statue to statue with 1mil+ hp cuz of the hp cs stacking now, how can this bp die? you can't kill him at all or go after him since he is exploiting this. true others can do it but none can jump from statue to statue. A harle or ranger or blade or a knight would need to go inside a statue and lets be honest none of those classes got speed in siege so the bp inside the statue would just jump out to the other statue.So its meaningless,true they say now its some kind of technical skill to do it but that's doesn't mean it should be done.


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            Hello Flyffers,

            We would like to dearly thank you for your participation to this discussion. After pondering all the options, we decided to declare the practice of statue hiding legal.

            In general, we would like to put as few restrictions as possible to the game, so players are free to play the game the way they want to as long as it doesn’t damage the global gaming experience. In this case statue hiding has been part of GS gameplay for years, it is not easy to do and can be countered. As a result, we didn’t consider it to be oppressive enough to justify a restriction.

            For this decision keep in mind that we considered the opinion of all 4 markets (FR, US, EU and GR) and it is impossible to find a solution which pleases everybody. However, we requested from GALA to move the respawn spots between each statue instead of inside them, this way the safe spawn kill will not be possible anymore by the arcanists, ultimately it is up to GALA to make that modification to the game or not.

            Thank you again
            Your flyff team


            • Hyaton
              Hyaton commented
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              good decision and thanks!

              regarding the relocation of the spawn points: I dont mind, but i wanna add that i dont think it prevents spawn kills, arcanists will just be at the new spawn points. It's just that they cannot be inside a statue at the same time. I guess that makes it slightly less promising for them to afk in that spot.. but I guess they will still be at the new spawn points xd (which imo isnt even a problem, but yea, just saying xd)

            • Nerve
              Nerve commented
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              I admire you Klaig, must be a challenge getting to work everyday without a spine

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            Thank you Klaig for your response.

            I believe this is the right decision. However, are there any plans for all the other siege issues identified in this post?

            - Stackable cs
            - Ress bug
            - Weaker classes: Harlequins & Mentalists
            - Fake guilds signing up for guild siege coins


            • Klaig
              Klaig commented
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              All those issues have been raised to GALA, but this topic was about ruling not bug fixing.

            • XSlyth
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              Ok Klaig thanks