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Compensation for Server-Disconnects

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  • Compensation for Server-Disconnects

    Hello Flyff Community,

    As some of you already know we had an emergency maintenance.

    While we would like to express our sympathies to those who were affected, we were also able to identify the issue: Our World-Server was disconnected from the Core- and Database-Server.

    We are sorry for any inconveniences caused, but we are happy to announce that the issues have been solved for now.

    Since the issues originated on our side, we'd like to offer you a coupon code as a small compensation:


    With this one, you will receive a 5 Scroll of Amplification R and and 10 2011 Cards (all soulbound).

    Again, we are deeply sorry for all of your troubles.

    Happy Flyffing!

    Your Webzen-Team

    Community Support:

    What Player think i do.

    What i really do.

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    Every week we have issues at Clokworks, cuz disconect from server, and isn't on manteinance day of this one same. Everyday lost party, die pet or something wrong happens to me... thanks support


    • Len45
      Len45 commented
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      Hmmmm. I haven't had any trouble for the last couple of weeks.

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    Im glad u live next to server and didn't have disconections.. but today at 12 the middle place was everybody disc. so... if u didn't be 24/7 live on game maybe don't experiment this bad experiences.


    • Len45
      Len45 commented
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      Seven time zones away is hardly "next" to the server.

    • Fierita95
      Fierita95 commented
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      Again this morning, two accounts disconecteds. losing party lvl +140...