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Compensation Coupon Code for disconnections

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  • Compensation Coupon Code for disconnections

    Dear Flyff Community,

    We are aware that you have all been experiencing disconnection issues in the past days. After conducting an investigation, we discovered that this was the result of DDoS attacks, which blocked access to our servers in an attempt to spoil your Christmas fun.
    We apologize for these circumstances and for any inconvenience caused as a result.

    Although our servers are not directly at fault, we still feel the need to give you a little something in return for your loyalty and for standing with us, even during the hard days. So, we're giving you all a coupon code, which contains 10x 2011 FWC Cards and 5x Scroll of Amplification R (1 Day):


    Please redeem the code here:

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and wish you a wonderful Christmas.

    Your Webzen team

  • #2
    i dint get my 5 amps R x5 i only got the 2011 cards
    it say Oops, something went wrong! i was logged when redeem and i try relog and nothing can you help me ! ...
    i try to reuse the code to but not working


    • Len45
      Len45 commented
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      Did you have two free spaces in your inventory when you did the redemption?

    • NickTheKillerQc
      NickTheKillerQc commented
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      yes 6 slot

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    Find it hilarious i logged out to claim coupons to log back in to get unable to connect and after 3 attempts a dc :-( thankyou for the coupon, is the problem now meant to be fixed?



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      So, I tried the Coupon for the US server and it worked. I got items there. So how is this benefiting the players on EU if US accounts get the benefits as well? Makes no sense. We are the ones that have been having issues, not the US servers so it's unfair that they can claim this prize also.


      • SquareShape
        SquareShape commented
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        They get items but so do the US server which aren't even affected - I have left laptop on US server with 0 disconnection issues yet I have had so many on Meteonyker (EU). Compensation is less because the EU servers keep getting disconnected whereas the US servers are fine and everyone can level without worrying about being disconnected. You're the one that needs to grow up. Go school and learn some English. kthnxbye peasant

      • HotPepper
        HotPepper commented
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        And regarding to Discord which is atm the more reliable source of information as weird as it sounds US is fine ( i dont care if US gets items too though)

      • Maerchsar
        Maerchsar commented
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        SquareShape the US getting the code in no way means you were not compensated. This code would not exist if it weren't for the EU disconnects. With or without the US inclusion, this is a compensation code. You are literally acting like a child crying that you didn't get a bigger bowl of ice cream. YOU got compensated. End of story.

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      Just a little update (so i doesnt look its all fluffy and fun on EU servers),

      servers are still disconnecting on a regular basis, deleting parties, killing people, wasting time and money.
      The IRC maintanance solved NOTHING.
      The Flyff maintanance solved NOTHING.

      Overall still wasting money on a **** service !

      ---> Although our servers are not directly at fault, we still feel the need to give you a little something in return for your loyalty and for standing with us, even during the hard days. So, we're giving you all a coupon code, which contains 10x 2011 FWC Cards and 5x Scroll of Amplification R (1 Day):<-----

      THIS is not an apology and its not the way u write an apology u learn that in first grade school , its ur fault OR its not i dont care about whos fault it is, solve it u are the publishers here and get my money.
      There is a point when u have enough.

      Just to make it clear again U CANT USE THIS FREE STUFF when u getting dced, even if u would give the players 100 q amps it would not change anything!

      The only thing that is happening right now is playing around with the addiction of players( yes im addicted to flyff too cause i love that game and there is none like it anymore out there).
      It looks like on all sides (Webzen, GALA, IRC) are just people "working " who have no ideas or solutions for anything. THATS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE FOR THE PLAYERS!
      On of these partitiants in this "triangle of love" is the broken chain here and ***** it up or dont care.
      IF u are DDOSed (what im honestly not convinced of) then there are viable solutions for this nowadays and can be applied within a day.
      This goes on for over a week again wtf guys.

      fix ur ****

      Last edited by HotPepper; 22-12-18, 02:45 PM.


      • #6
        well you know gala webzen devs etc cant read forums too, so admins here read the same shit over and over again
        they cant do much since they work for a dead company

        so we juste have to be victims & wait


        • HotPepper
          HotPepper commented
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          With 400 employees and an annual revenue of 175m dollars u could expect some kind of work, doesnt look that dead of a company

        • Prololz
          Prololz commented
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          still mediocre numbers, but still, do not epect anything

      • #7
        Using batteries and still DC fest (TheCheshireCat), my party scrolls are Runing Out (TheJabberwocky), and Clockworks is falling every time, on "Christmas" there are no players, and i was still tinkling of get some wcoins, but for what reason now, a Dead server?, a unplayable Game?


        • HotPepper
          HotPepper commented
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          Haha exactly good that u at least are asking this yourself , im still dumb as fck and spend 6k wcoins in fashion mystery boxes i love to be in pain :3 also wasted 2 stacks of q amps after i thought its solved 6 collectorchars on goldbatteries 2 chars partyfullscrolled and waiting for the new cloaks .
          Last edited by HotPepper; 23-12-18, 03:01 AM.

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        "It's not our fault we're doing our best" answer in 5...4...


        • #9
          Just for further notice in the evening of the 22th we had 9 major dcs in 2 hours in which the servers didnt even gave a spark for a few minutes.


          • #10
            It's for science purpose