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  • Server merge update discussion

    Hello people!

    I've created this topic so you can ask your questions about the server merge update.

    This topic is here to discuss the plan itself not the details about the merge (guile house, character name ....) which will be communicated later on.

    Your Webzen Team

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    - How many channels will the new US server have? We need a lot to handle those lags..
    - When will be able to delete characters again?
    - When will we be able to drop items again?
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      About names since most names are stolen by low lvls and players that will never ever log again. I suggest who first log keep name.


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        First off, I'm glad that gala has finally decided that something needs to be done about some of our dying servers.
        I have some questions regarding the merge.
        First off, would you consider possibly two or three servers as a final point for the US servers?
        My thoughts are Yetti + Kargo + Lykan and Tankui + Moco and then possibly a brand new server. (I'd be shocked if you didn't open a brand new server after the merge to be honest.)
        I think the lag that will be presented with every server merged could pose a bit of a problem.
        What's going to be done about siege? I think most servers are still having siege every week, how are we going to combine all the servers into one and have a siege where most can participate?
        Also, if we are in fact going to only have one server; what's to be done about guild sizes? Could we potentially see an increase in capacity for guilds?
        What about accounts that have all character slots filled among several servers?
        As an example, I have an account that has three characters on Yetti, and Mocomochi, what will happen to those characters? Would Gala consider increasing the character limit per account? Or are we just out three characters, and on that note; should we delete characters that we don't want to prepare?
        What about items? Should ever person be under the assumption that they get to keep ALL their items and penya? Or will some be lost after merge?
        ie, everything in your storage would be wiped, guild storages would be wiped and only items on your character would be merged?
        Lastly, what challenges are you facing moving into the merge?
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          Character cap per server?


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            Excited for the merge!

            1) Will there be something to smooth the merging of economies?

            2) Can servers be individually cleaned of duped/hacked gear before the merge?

            3) Guilds with the same name?

            4) Late 2019 for Tanuki/Lykan/Moco is roughly when?



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              How many characters we can keep per account? And what will happend to Adv guild houses..since not everyone will be able to hold one...its gonna be bit impossible


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                mocomochi server is active and not dead server so we dont need merge to other server


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                  Why merge also moco? When Moco is the MOST active server, merge only the dead servers NOT ours. The other servers ALL dead because of cheats, dupes etc. thats why others moved in moco. fixed first the dupes, cheats and botts.
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                  • Klaig
                    Klaig commented
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                    Mocomochi is in excellent shape right now but who knows what can happen 1 year down the line, as Flyff publisher we are trying to limit risk as much as possible.

                    Merge of that magnitude requires time and resources. GALA have those resources and the will to do it right now, so we want to take full advantage of this situation and avoid long waiting for the next phase of server merges.

                    We merge as much as much we can now so we don't end up in the same situation as before with low populated servers. As long as our servers can handle the population, we believe they are more upsides than downsides to have one high populated server rather than 2 or 3 medium populated.

                    Keep in mind that the current plan is flexible and can be changed depending on how things go on the previous merges.

                  • TheZoldycks
                    TheZoldycks commented
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                    sure cuz moco dont have cheaters, dupers, etc lol

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                  Originally posted by Honeykohhh View Post
                  Why merge also moco? When Moco is the MOST active server, merge only the dead servers NOT ours. The other servers ALL dead because of cheats, dupes etc. thats why others moved in moco. fixed first the dupes, cheats and botts.
                  You're aware that those same issues have emerged on Moco too, right? xD


                  • Honeykohhh
                    Honeykohhh commented
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                    yeah but why the players in other servers choose to move in moco? coz its most active, more players. Just want to say merge only the dead servers not ours.
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                  Ofc I do not have anything against them but knowing the fact that they have unfair gears compare to us is not fair at all.
                  Please think why Lykan is not active anymore, and why lykan people bringin shit dupes in mocomochi server.
                  I have friends from tanuki, I have friends from Lykan and My server is Mocomochi but please DO NOT MERGE mocomochi.

                  before merging server GM or DEV needs to communicate with the people because we all know that we highly disagree with this merging mocomochi with other server.
                  mocomochi is quite active.


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                    What about the people that made accunts with the same clients as me ? will be something to do ? like Clockworks 1 and Meteo 2 .... , can play with all my chars ?
                    ty for u response !


                    • Klaig
                      Klaig commented
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                      If merge is successful you will be able to have all your character in one server the character selection can expand over 3.

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                    so basically we'll have to make some space if we wanna keep certain char


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                      Originally posted by Prololz View Post
                      so basically we'll have to make some space if we wanna keep certain char
                      Read Klaigs comment above!
                      The character selection can expand over 3.


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                        doubles yikes